PPC for Parent or Child



I am setting up a PPC Campaign and wondering if I just run it on the Parent ASIN as it is linked to all the variants or do I list all the ASINs for this product. The only difference is color between the products.




Did you work this one out, as I was wondering the same thing.


Where a product has multiple variations (parent-child relationship), only the variation (child product) is eligible for advertising



Thank you…leaning everyday


It works with one child as they are all linked although I put them all on the same campaign I was initially worried they may compete against each other and cost more but that wasn’t the case, it also means you can track the add spend on each variant


Have you posted on the wrong thread?


No I just noticed when I clicked on my notifications that you had asked me something on this thread and I hadn’t responded


Yes, sorry i realised that afterwards , i thought you meant to post of your lastest…its the time of night i think