PPC suggested bid increased x15


Hey all, one of my PPC campaigns previously was around £0.45 for certain keywords, briefly went out of stock but now I am back and reactivated the campaign the suggested bids for the keywords has jumped from £0.48 suggested to £7.12.

Does anyone know why this would be? The category I sell in isn’t really open for variations that would warrant this hike, typically the product is around £10-£13 retail.

Any tips anyone could advise for me to looking into this further?


I’ve noticed this and I’ve been a little unsure myself. Perhaps it’s something to do with placements?


I have noticed a huge spike in ppc cost. I have had to turn all mine off as the suggested bid for most keywords are around £6, says bids are between £3 to £12. Amazon love allowing bids to go so high.

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