Prepare your stock now for Q4 events


Maximize your sales this Q4 by having enough stock available for your deals and your most popular products.

Make sure that your inventory arrives at fulfilment centres by these dates:

  • Black Friday week: November 5, 2021
  • Winter holidays: December 11, 2021

We receive a high volume of shipments during Q4, so check your recommended replenishment quantity and plan shipments well ahead of time.

For more information about deals, go to our deals page.

You still have time to participate in Black Friday week by submitting vouchers and Prime Exclusive and Discounts.

FBA Shipment restocking

I already prepared stock three months ago, but thanks for the announcement


This tool is not always 100% accurate. It doesn’t pick up on some of my best selling items.


What is this Winter Holiday on 11th December? . Is it a new Bank Holiday?


Looking forward to Royal Mail’s Christmas post this year as Christmas is on a Saturday and Box Day a Sunday so that’s No post Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday… yay!


replenish what amzn recommend, only for it to be on the recommended removal report a week later !!


It would be lovely if UPS actually picked up the parcels booked out on PCP with Amazon FBA. - We have been told by our local depot 10 cartons a day only - as they have to save space for their “proper customers”, as Amazon do not pay enough :triumph:

I have days backing up here, UPS customer service are as much good as Amazon Customer Service -both tell me to contact the other,

Meanwhile UPS depot manager says tough - open an account and pay properly if we want the same service as others, as “he hopes UPS lose the Amazon account” - you could not make it up really…

(We tried UPS pallet, but that sat for several days uncollected as they could not get a driver, the Leyland depot at UPS does really not like Amazon


I would recommend dropping it off your local UPS collection/drop off point

My experience with my local UPS guy, has been nothing less then brilliant. Even at times, I have forgot to book in, a simple wave and he will stop and collect.


The issue is the local depot is a 60 mile round trip, - I will do it if I have to, but we shouldn’t have to…

we cannot drop at an access point in the same town, as they simply say, not enough space…(the local Leyland depot REALLY don’t like Amazon), - it is simply as they feel that Amazon / UPS do not give them enough money per parcel compared to UPS account customers…