Price and placement strategy


I’ve noticed some products that I have and others are selling too are priced massively high. For instance, I have a product selling at around RRP of £15 yet someone else has it on at £147. This seems to occur quite a few times. I know on eBay some people will inflate the price when they are out of stock to hold their place in the listings, knowing no-one will buy at the high price. Is this the same thing that’s going on here on Amazon?


Probably, or perhaps its just incorrect and they will fix it.
May I ask why it matters?


It doesn’t really matter, I was just interested, I did think that some may be ones that have had the price put in and missed the decimal point by accident, but not seen if it was bulk uploaded.


Just interested. That and it’s Friday and nearly home time.


Not for me and many millions of others who do 7 day weeks at home


been there seen it done it when I was self employed. We close at the weekend here, although I still answer customers messages.


I’m sure there are some tiny violins for sale on here somewhere :wink:


no complaints here. I would do anything to avoid working for someone else


When I have the last few units of an item in stock and I know I won’t be getting any additional inventory, I will often increase my prices by 10x or more.

It depends on what kind of products are you looking at, collectibles or just general items which can be found everywhere. In such case it would be unusual.