Printing labels for Amazon on thermal printers



Can any one advise me on what printer to buy for printing FBA barcode labels and FBA shipping box labels.

I am looking for something not too expensive but also something that is very easy and simple to use,
till now I have been using a regular inkjet printer and been feeding sheets of labels.

I would like something that connects to my P.C and all I have to do is print directly from the download that I get when I press on the “print” button on seller central.

Many thanks and waiting for some good advice


I use a standard ink jet and it prints directly from the print button on SC ?!


For shipping labels, I highly recommend Zebra thermal printers. I bought a ZD420 3 years ago…she works like a dream. Super fast and not once had a problem. There’s lots of smaller and more expensive models. Make sure you get a 4 inch. Get the ink rolls from Feedmyzebra. And free shipping labels 4x6 inch from Royal Mail.

For barcodes, you can use a normal ink jet. Brother black ink only is a good investment.

Both are connected through wifi.


If you have a RM account, you get a discount on the Zebra GK420D. Which is worth every penny.

But if you just want a thermal printer, then pretty much anyone will do. They all connect to the PC, though obviously the cheaper you go, the less reliable etc they are.


Then,whats the problem?

If you dont want to spend stupid money on ink Epson or Canon is the way to go


I was doing that until now but sometimes the labels don’t feed so well
so I just wanted to know if there was something simpler and cheaper ?


I have a printer with rear feed
I also have the Zebra gk420d but just use it for box labels and my fbm postage labels

Inkjets are quite cheap nowadays.


so you say not really worth investing in a label printer


It depends what else you are using it for and the cost of consumables

On my inkjet I print fba labels, rm manifests, monthly accounts, kids homework lol


I need something just for fba barcodes and box labels

are the ones that are selling for 50 or 60 pounds worth anything ?


I don’t know tbh, my thermal was about £180 approx 7 years ago but still working well


can you print straight from seller central ?


LOLLL YES! Where else would you print from?


I meant that you have to download software and print from their program


Who’s software ?

The labels in SC just download and open as pdf which you should be able to just print straight from


My neighbour set up Zebra wifi so I can print directly without having to plug in usb cable. We never downloaded any software. But after moving, I couldn’t. Tried again and again, but gave up (I’m utterly useless for these things). There’s lots of Zebra support online and Youtube to show you. I’m sure you will manage.


It really depends on how much printing you intend to do. I use 2 types of printers, one is a zebra GK420D thermal printer and these are for box labels, FBA labels and shipping labels. Got it for free when I signed up with a courier and they also supply the consumables for it for free.

For the barcodes that you are sticking the fnsku labels on, I use a xerox high yield black and white mono printer and 24 to a sheet labels. The xerox printer can be picked up on a well known auction site and although up front costs can be high, in the long run you will saves hundreds or thousands of pounds. Always check for common high yield toners and then try to seek out the printer to suit the cartridges. The cost of my printing and consumables is peanuts.

Both printers are easy to use and you basically download labels in PDF format and print them to your chosen printer.


For FBA Barcodes I just use a standard Brother Mono Laser printer which works just fine. You don’t need anything fancy. I print 27 labels per sheet and rarely has any issue.

The biggest issue is me who sometimes puts the labels in upside down!

I can print 500-600 labels in one go, I would think doing that to a thermal label printer would be a lot more difficult.

You can also print FBA box labels on a laser or inkjet printer. I would recommend using laser printer as the ink may run when printed on an inkjet printer.


lol when I first read this I thought what difference does it make which way up you put them and then I realised you meant facing up instead of down.

It’s quite funny because despite me doing it almost on a daily basis for about 8 years, I still have to think about it, debate with myself what way they should go and still get it wrong. You will never overcome it, I think it gets worse with age.