Printing/saving complete thread


Or wants to save slanderous posts for posterity so that when he’s in charge, he can use them against his enemies.

So watch what you’re saying.



Rugsy needs to find a better hobby :rofl:


Something at your end sorry, could be anything but I’d go for weighed down browser(s) or processor/memory issue.

There’s a stand alone called snag-it. I didn’t like it though, that was unreliable but might work for you.


I am using a mac but do not see why the method should not work for all.

Go to File - Save as web archive

It captures everything for me and I can view it all, off-line as well.

Just done it on this thread and all is saved.

Good luck!


It works for me in Firefox (v.61.0.1.)

If you want an even more stripped-down version,with no graphics/emojis, ‘print preview’ in firefox also works. You can print-to-file too.


Rugsy, I was seriously worried that you are going to print some of the really inappropiate posts and share them with the press to let the entire world know what Amazon sellers are like :sweat_smile:

If you were ever considering something like this, I hope you are aware that the posters own copyright to the content.


Try - just tested it on this thread and seems to work…


Out of interest, have you tried using the “keyboard shortcuts” link under the 3 bars at the top of this page?

Control + P is supposed to print the topic.



No need. The forum can be accessed by anybody as it is.


Very odd. Same version here too.

The main issue with suggestions so far is that people have tried on small thread. when you start reaching 300, 400 or more posts, problems start.

It’s not the end of the world but if there’s a solution, others may find it useful.

If I get anywhere, I’ll let all of you kind people know.


Maybe Rugsy is printing out ideas to start His own Forum.There are guys who have capitalized on people’s desire to belong to a community on the internet to create highly successful forums. These forums are doing well in their respective niches, raking the owners millions of dollars in revenue. The largest Forum in the world, the turnover is $1,150,530 monthly !


Danzig, did you have to tell the world all about my plans? :money_mouth_face:


I’ll delete it quickly, if I can have a share of the profits !


I have seen it all :rofl:


Too late, everyone has already printed this thread, including your post, in it’s entirety. :rofl:


Post a link to the thread in question and I will see if it can all be saved by making it a ‘Web Archive’

Never had a problem capturing anything by this method, even complete content of a website. The archive stands alone, can not be wiped, even if the original content is wiped. Live links are saved as well. Can be printed anytime.


here’s one example



That seems to work fine. Cheers for that mate! I think it might have been my firewall or something. Whatever.!



Many an IT professional has built their career around that one piece of advice!

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