Printing the amazon-given barcode directly on my product


Hy everyone,

I would really appreciate your help, since I cannot find an answer to this question on my own.

Since I am trying to put my hand made products on Amazon under my brand I applied for the GSIN exception and got one.

Now when I am listing products I can get to the point where I can print labels (as in stickers) but, because of the visual appeal I would really like to simply print those out on my products, as the package is still being finalised.

Please share if you have any idea or experience on that matter. Plus - should I also put the amazon - given letters on the bottom (name of the item and “NEW”) as this looks like a part of the sticker-label, or is the barcode itself enough for safely and surely reaching inside the Amazon fulfilment centre?

Thank you so much


You can print the FNSKU barcodes directly on the products or it’s packaging.

But make sure that they include:

  • Sufficient white space around the Amazon barcode and related text: (0.25 inch on the sides and 0.125 inch on the top and bottom)
  • Product name
  • Item condition

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