Problems with FBA shipments to Peterborough


Hi is anyone else having problems with small parcel shipments to EUK5 Peterborough? I sent a shipment which was delivered on the 27th July but the status has not changed since then. Customer services confirm it’s delivery but can’t give me any info other than “delays in processing times” as to when it may go to Recieving status. It may make me feel better if I’m not the only one with this problem. Thanks


Hi that is really not a long time - usually prior to pandemic we used to give 7 days or 14 if it needed fba prep, some are getting through in this time and some are taking around 3 weeks.


Mines arrived at EUK5 on the 28th July and has just sat at delivered ever since. I know I’m probably wasting my time but on hold with SS just now. Let us know if you make any progress.


I have been trying to get answers all day but I just keep going round and round and get told it will go to check in stage shortly, I’ve been told shortly since Friday. Seller support then close the case so I keep re-opening in the hope that someone will give me an answer. My business has now come to a grinding halt as I have no live stock. Please let me know if you get any joy, I will keep you posted if I manage to get anywhere.


Sounds like you got further than I did, I was just told I need to wait until the 11th August until they would speak to me and that it is all standard procedure.

If you haven’t already seen it then this thread will open your eyes to all the horror stories and happy endings which may be of some comfort.


Hi we obviously have the same issue. Interestingly the UPS tracking details say delivered on the 27th at 4pm but the Amazon tracking says the 28th at 6.51am is this the same as yours? The date of the 11th is when you can get them to investigate discrepancies between the stock you say you sent and the stock they have checked in, I worry that as they haven’t checked anything in we will be no better off come the 11th it’s just getting rid of the problem till then.


I didn’t actually check the time difference but mines is the same Jul 27, 2020 04:00:00 PM - Northampton GB - Delivered, Amazon says 28th 9.02am. I am thinking this is probably just a delay and will indeed sort it’s self out eventually, does not help for inventory planning going forward though.


I’ve got similar, if not worse delays at BHX4. It doesn’t help inventory planning at all, I can’t see why Amazon can’t provide status updates showing average time to receive stock by FC. Because they don’t,sellers like me plan for the worse and throw excess inventory in, which makes the whole situation worse.


Shipment now mostly received (197 out of 200) and on sale


Me too, thank god. Thanks for your support, always nice to know you’re not the only one.


I’ve got issues with the one in MME1. I’ve sent a small shipment with UPS on 30/07/2020 and still hasn’t been checked-in since then. Clearly need to find a more optimal solution in sending Inventory over to different 3 PLs. As all the Inventory send so far to the FBAs had at least 10 days of delays no matter the warehouse assigned (BHX4, BHX2, MME1, EUK5).