Product condition complaint - response


Hi all,

Recently i had a couple of product condition complaints on two of my items. all of my items are created to order as the vast majority of them are personalised. The complaints themselves are down to the items arriving damaged. I have tried to appeal them twice and both times the appeals have been rejected. I have wrote clear and concise responses with steps to ensure that my items arrive in the best condition they can do but still this doesnt seem to be enough… can anyone help?

Thank you


Any advice from anyone please?


I presume your products are FBM? If items are arriving damaged then the customer is always going to win because the goods have not arrived in the condition they were advertised. There is obviously an issue with packaging here.


I am FBM yes. i sell prints/bottle labels/greeting cards etc. so everything is created to order. everything is packaged well in either board backed envelopes or book wraps. i sell on other platforms where i have none of these issues. usually if an item is damaged a customer just requests a new one which i happily do. my question is how do i respond back to amazon with a plan of action thats going to be good enough?


So, are you saying you’ve been suspended? You didn’t mention this in your original posting.


no i havent. just the listings in question have been removed.


Ah, OK. So, you need a plan of action to get the listings reinstated? Your plan therefore needs to include the following:

What went wrong and why?
What you have done to fix the problem?
What you have done to prevent the problem happening again?

As damage has occurred a couple of times, perhaps focus on different packaging which will better protect your product? I inderstand what you say about items not being damaged via other platforms but Amazon won’t be interested in that.


Hello @Viaduct,

Product condition complaints reflect your customer service in a way and hence, it is important that you ensure your products are delivered in the condition that you have promised.

As you mentioned that these are personalized products, it is very important that you produce/manufacture them cautiously.
Now to appeal successfully, your plan of action must contain 3 important points. They are: root cause, corrective steps and preventive measures.

  1. Root cause:
  • What led to the issue? Or what went wrong that your buyers received damaged products?
  • If there was an issue during production, what was it? And how did it happen?
  1. Corrective measures:
  • What actions will you or have you taken to resolve the issue?
  • Provide an explanation about what were your immediate steps when you received a notification.
  • Mention the changes you could make at that point.
  1. Preventive measures:
  • What is the process you will follow while manufacturing?
  • How will you avoid manufacturing defect?
  • If you have thought about a quality check process, describe it in detail. You must be clear and concise while answering the above questions.

Team might also request for documents, make sure provide the documents as per the request so that the team can review and help you.

All the best!