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Hello All

I was wondering if anyone can help me please:

I have had "Product Condition Complaints (Used Item Sold as New) notification from Amazon a month a ago where Amazon blocked one of my asin and asked for POA. I have appealed against it and received following reply:

We reviewed the information you provided and decided that you may continue to offer these items on Amazon:
If you have problems reinstating these items, you may have stranded inventory. Learn how to fix listing errors in Seller Central Help ( follow the steps described in your plan of action to resolve and prevent future complaints about your listings.

so I went to my account Seller Central >>> Performance >>> Account Health >>> Product Condition Customer Complaint and clicked (RELIST) where it says (NEXT STEP) and the asin was successfully relisted.

On Account Health >> Product Condition Complaints section, number of complaints Rate was (1) but after couple of days I have noticed that after re-listing, Product Condition Complaint Rate in account Health section which cover 180 days also disappeared.

Sadly last week I have received another Product Condition Complaints (Used Item Sold as New) from another buyer and I have followed the same procedure and received following reply from Amazon:

We appreciate your efforts to comply with our selling policies. We have updated your account with the information that you provided.

So I went ahead and relisted item using the same process again as before. One week later now when I check my account health >> Product Condition Complaints section it still says number of complaint - 1 and on the section where it says (RELIST) has changed to (APPEAL) not sure why since I have appealed and it was sucessful.

I emailed team again but I received the same reply as before
(We appreciate your efforts to comply with our selling policies. We have updated your account with the information that you provided.)

I was told on this form before that even when the appeal is successful the complaint number will remain in Account health section for 180 days but since I have got one disappeared I was hoping if I can email instead of to see if they can change the status since appeal was sucessfull and product was relisted?

It also says in Account Health section ( If you have any questions about your performance as it relates to product condition, please contact us at

But I am also worried not to annoyed them because I have already emailed twice.

I am also confused if & are the same teams because when I send email to at the bottom of the reply it says:

Seller Performance Team

Any help on this will be much appreciated



Please don’t worry about this as even successfully appealed complaints will in most cases stay displayed on your metrics - for your own records.

These are no longer negatively affecting your account and will automatically disappear after 180 days.


Hello Kika

Thank you so much for your reply and you have been very helpful helping other I really appreciate that.

My worry is that if I receive any complaint again then the person making decision will see how many complaints I had before and it will appear on account health. I just wanted to remove it from account health as well and it make sense as well since appeal was sucessful and item was relisted.

Kika do you think they have power to remove it from account health?

Also from your experience do you know how serious is this and how many complaints do I have to receive before they can deactivate account?

I know it is hard to answer this question because it also depend how many transactions I do compare to complaint I receive but I do quite a lot of transactions per month.

I have never recieved such complaint before I have been trading on Amazon for many years, it just recently these complaints started.

Any help will be much appreciated



As I already mentioned, please don’t worry. The complaint no longer counts against your metrics and you can completely disregard it.

Anyone reviewing your account in case of any future issues will be able to see that this particular complaint was already addressed, appealed and the listing was reactivated.

I have managed to successfully appeal numerous complaints on my own account and my experience was always the same as yours.


Hi Kika when the listing disappear after 180 day can you list that item again


She wont be able to answer as she is banned from the forum


Ooh so mark do you have any idea after 180 days can we relist item once it disappear after 180 days


If listing these caused you complaints the first time then why, unless you have obtained written permission from the rights holder, would you even entertain the idea of doing so again?


Hi Adrian the problem is not that I had complain of item missing parts when it did not but as amazon is consider they want invoice which is under 365 days out invoice is over the date so I have left the appeal and thought after the 180 days I can maybe list the item I sold over 40pc no problem I feel buyer wanted refund and keep item as he open return request little pc is missing and he has not return the item and kept the item and not repling to any email they is not much I can do.


And if Amazon ask you for an invoice again/ Do you have a current one to give them?


This is stock left from year 2017 so invoice is not within date so I have not made appeal am thinking should I leave it and after 180 it will disappear on my account.

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