Product Condition Complaints


we have received your request but we do not have enough information to reactivate offers at this time

hi guys, we have 2 listing that a customer complained were not new( we only sell new products manufacturer sealed) amazon de activated these and requested info:

Submit a plan of action that explains:

  • The issue(s) that you believe caused the complaints about the condition of your items.
  • The actions that you have taken to resolve the issue(s) that caused the complaints about the condition of your items.
  • The steps that you have taken to prevent future complaints about the condition of your items.

no matter what resolution I put forward they reject it… anyone have the magic answer?


We had the same thing - we provided invoices from our suppliers dating back for the previous 3 months, and sent photos of our stock in the warehouse to prove the items were new and not used. The item itslef was a chocolate bar, so how a customer complained it was used in the first place i have no idea!!

We won the appeal and have emails confirming that, so hopefully that will help in your case, but despite that, they still didn’t remove a policy notice on the Account health page. I raised a support case to ask why it was still there even after winning the appeal and was told it will stay for 6 months and then auto clear. So essentially, whether you win any appeal or not, it doesn’t make any difference.


Hello @Technologyoutlet1,

For a Plan of Action to be viable, it needs to address all the concerns on the account.

To do so, the first step towards preparing a Plan of action would be to understand what led customers to believe that items weren’t new. Perhaps you can look at your product and try and work out why somebody would think it is not new. Is it a packaging problem, eg is the packaging getting damaged. Is there no packaging at all? Is the product being damaged in transit? etc etc.

Once you have identified the concern you should draft a strong plan of action around this.

A plan of action must contain clear and concise answers for the below questions.

  1. What was the root cause that led to the issue?
  • Is your packaging good enough and is a quality check done before it is dispatched to your warehouse?
  • Does your product description accurately describe the details of the product and it’s functionalities?
  1. What actions will you or have you taken to resolve the issue?
  • Provide an explanation about what were your immediate steps when you received a notification.
  • The changes you could make at that point.
  1. What steps will you take to prevent future issues?
  • If the root cause if related to product description or quality, what steps will you be implementing to control this?
  • If you feel that these complaints weren’t valid, provide proofs to support your claim.

As you mentioned you are not listing items in used condition, it will be helpful if you can provide invoices to prove that these are new products along with a plan of action.

The invoices must meet the following criteria to be considered as valid:

  • Dated within the last one year.
  • Your supplier and your information must be clear.
  • The quantity on the invoice must justify the sales you’ve had within the last one year for the ASIN(s) in question.
  • If you wish, you can blur out the pricing info as it is not required.
  • The documents must be unedited and legit.

If the invoices aren’t accepted, you will be notified with the reason for it. In such cases, an authorization letter from your supplier or manufacturer can be accepted. If you are unable to provide the invoices please mention the reasons for it in your plan of action.

Once you send these details, our seller performance team will review and help in resolving the issue.

All the best!