Product Descriptions are missing


So I redid all of the product descriptions weeks ago before coming out from holiday mode. I have looked through the listing on amazon as if I’m a customer and none of them have any product descriptions or bullet points. It’s just blank on every item.


I haven’t had this happen myself. Are the product descriptions still in the backend when you go to edit a listing? If so, have you just tried making a small change and saving to see whether that helps the product description to “reappear”.


All of them have product descriptions when you go into them from Seller Central. I’ve not made any changes apart from some updates before I removed the holiday mode setting.


This is one of the ASINs we put down on the list of items affected B08XYC4GS3. If you look at it there is no product description, however in the seller central the product description is there.
I have now been asked to update product descriptions, quantity and save it.
I don’t find this helpful at all.
I have updated 2 items to see if this solves the issue but so far they are still showing no product description when I look at it from a customers point of view (after 15 minutes).


Have you used any HTML in the description? A while back they banned all HTML except < br /> (spaces mine so it can show). They said they would strip out any content between HTML tags. But never answered any Qs about what that meant exactly.

However, listings done before the announcement with HTML still seem to be ok. And some Amz guides say you can or can’t use < br /> or < p / > etc. Totally inconsistent instructions. And again, when asked, they never gave any clarity.

Just a thought.


No, we removed them all in the update before we came out of holiday mode. Now it’s a description and bullet points.


Hmmm. Sorry I can’t help. I even looked through the HTML for the whole listing page and there was no description in it at all. Just the title. Unless someone brighter than me has an answer, I’m afraid it’s SS.


Thanks for looking.
I don’t see how Amazon CS can say they don’t see an issue.
The issue is clearly on their side.
On seller central we have a few listings were they say 60ml but when I click edit it says 50ml.
When I look at that item from a customer point of view it says 60ml so how is that an honest shopping experience?
I edited them to say 50ml before we came out of holiday mode.


Whilst Amazon state that changes can take up to 15 minutes (that was true years ago) these days it can take hours sometimes up to a day before the changes to images and product descriptions are reflected properly. So you might just need to wait longer to see whether making any changes help with getting the product description to reappear.


I put down 15 minutes so people wouldn’t ask or say I need to wait at least 15 minutes for the effects to take place.

We came out of holiday mode 6 weeks ago and I updated our items a week before.

I’ve update 2 items today to see if it helps.
CS have left it open for 2 days for feedback.


I updated 2 items in our inventory to see if that would help. The person I spoke to wanted me to update every item in our inventory but I don’t see why I should do that as the problem is not down to us.
I left them a message and overnight I got a this reply (now keep in mind that before I checked the items I have been checking our seller account information that might cause this issue, nothing needed verifying and our account status is not in pending, we had to update our address as we had had moved but we did that in January and provided documents then)

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

You have contacted us because you have updated the Bullet point and Description but not display on Detail page.

We understand that your account is currently in pending account verification status. We need some additional information and/or documents to complete your account verification.

Please refer to Performance Notification in your account for more information.

Ihre Meinung zu unserem Kundenservice ist uns wichtig!
Waren Sie mit der Bearbeitung Ihrer Anfrage zufrieden?

So when I got up I checked through our account on seller central. They again wanted a bank account statement as we wouldn’t get money paid into it (we have have payments since we reopened) and they wanted us to update our emergency contact phone number, which is still the same as it didn’t need updating as it is the same mobile number.

I feel that instead of fixing the issue they are just moving the goal post to make it even more difficult for us.

I am not surprised that more and more people are leaving Amazon as a selling platform.

I don’t understand how they can not see the issue (I’ve spoken to others who have the exact same issue as us and they’ve been told by CS that it is down to update in February)

I am also very annoyed that instead of dealing with the issue they have chosen to make us jump through hoops…hoops we already jumped through in January.

I have now sent them countless screenshots of the issue, showing the problem from a customers point of view and from seller central and they still don’t see the issue.


I should also add that we have added a few extra items to our inventory the last 2 days and they have product details showing.


This is their latest reply. I haven never encountered such incompetence with a Customer Service.
How they cannot understand the issue is beyond me.

Amazon Customer Services is appalling.

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

You asked us to make changes for the aubmitted ASINs.

I like to inform you about the following changes:

Attribute to Update - bullet_point

Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for the changes to be applied and properly visible on the product detail page. In the case of the title, this process can even take up to five days. You can be assured that the changes have been correctly recorded in our system.


We have decided to do new listings of all the affects ASINs (nearly 200 of them) as Customer Services are completely unable to understand the problem.

It is not the first time Amazon has glitched and we have had to redo our listing and loose all of our reviews and repeat customers. Due to an Amazon issue we had to redo our listings 2 years ago and Customer Services were useless then as well.

I’m not sure how much longer we will stay on Amazon, with less sales, constant hoops to jump through and major glitches that affect 95% of your items and a useless CS, Amazon is far more of a disadvantage to us.


Hi if you use flat file it takes few minutes to update everything and relatively easy to use once you get hang of it.

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