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Hello everyone,

I am trying to run a sponsored campaign for a new listing and having some issue. I wonder if any one else has faced the similar issue and possible solution.

Our product is a Food Supplement in tablet form. Intitially I was able to set up the campaign but the status changed to Not-Approved and now product is showing ineligible for advertising.

I opened the case with seller support and they have reverted back with below response:

"Hello from Amazon Advertiser Support,

We understand your concern is regarding being unable to advertise your ASIN:

We have reviewed your ASIN and found that it is not compliant with the Amazon Advertising’s guidelines.

Following a change in regulation the advertising and promotion of products high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) is now prohibited in this locale.

Unfortunately, since the product itself is prohibited from Advertising, the ASIN cannot be advertised.

For more information on HFSS, please see

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for doing business with Amazon."

The issue is that product is not in the scope of HFSS and this information is appearing on our Amazon detailed page.

Has anyone else faced a similar issue and if Amazon managed to fix this issue for you?

Thank you


There have been a couple of long threads about this issue. The one below started about another HFSS issue but has been talking about ads for a while and someone else mentioned supplements.


Someone from Amazon actually rang me on Friday to discuss the HFSS problem as they’re trying to understand where they went wrong. Apparently, if you have the HFSS attributes in your product details page/compliance then you are expected to select Healthy, Not in Scope or Less Healthy. If you select Not in Scope you will automatically be rejected for ads because Amazon deems your product to be ‘in scope’

You DO NOT have to enter all the scores for A and C. You are only required to select Healthy. He admitted there was a bug which is why the fields were not showing. They still haven’t fixed the problem and are working on it. The best you can do is select Healthy and then wait and see how this rolls out. You also do not have to enter % fruit, veg, nuts score under More Details tab. They have made a total mess of this roll out including any product that falls under such broad browse nodes. Hold tight, I’m hoping its a short ride.


Thank you for your response.

I feel a bit concerned about changing the HFSS status to something that is not true for the product. I am hoping that they rectify this issue as it seems like it’s been an outgoing discussion on the forum. It’s a bit more frustrating as this has affected the launch of our new line.

Yesterday, more of our products were added to the Non-approved list for advertising. Obviously, it is a bit extra frustrating to see Pringles snack boxes appearing as a sponsored ad but our Health supplements is showing not approved :smile:


Only enter ‘healthy’ if you are ‘healthy’ I am not suggesting otherwise. Good luck. Lets hope this time next week things are back to normal


For those who updated the HFSS attribute value on the PDP, did the ads start running again automatically, or do you need to circle back to Ads support to reactivate the ASIN?


HFSS is ion the compliance page. Mine have not started running again. Indeed, I have tried a new campaign for the two bestsellers of mine and get message below (which is really unhelpful):

it reads:

We can’t create your campaign until you fix one or more issues
Please fix these issues and try again.
Reference: 258-7302285-6980224 1-6345c1dd-8a6d4353397eb0ebd4cd95b1 2022-10-11 19:21:45

I am seeing some more visibility ion the affected ASINs but clearly the central issue persists, much to Amazon’s shame.


Just chiming in with our experience, we were not aware of this HFSS regulation, or perhaps we missed the messaging associated with it from Amazon. We are US based sellers and primarily sell vitamin/mineral supplements.

We have gone from advertising at around 600 GBP per day to 50 GBP per day over the last few days. Almost 75% of our campaigns have just disappeared from the dashboard. Assuming this is the problem, so we are filling out the HFSS fields in the backend of all listings.

Have any other sellers had similar issues with ads and were ads enabled again once the backend field was filled out?


Hi, did you change the status to Healthy? If so, did your advertising campaigns start running? I also sell a food supplement that has no fat, protein, sugar, salt, etc and today I received an email from amazon about the HFSS. I am a bit confused as Food Supplements are not in the 13 categories that are in scope of the HFSS but are in the “Amazon Product Types Impacted by the Food Regulation”. So are we supposed to select “Healthy” or “not in scope”. Apparently those who selected “not in scope” are having some issues. I haven’t selected anything yet, but I just noticed that my Sponsored Ads are not getting any impressions.


Did you guys change the HFSS status attribute to “Healthy” or “not in scope”? What happened? Did your ads start running again?

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