Product review department


Hey I’m after some urgent help?

Has anyone had the situation whereby a customer has claimed that the product they have purchased from you is fake?
This is absolutely not the case, and I’ve sent a report to the product review team to include invoices and photos etc. I have not had a response from them, so foolishly thought I’d ask Seller support for an update. Only to be told, that despite being able to prove my stock is genuine, having sold this item for 5 years, and being a 5 star seller, and having stock of this in the FBA warehouse, I can no longer list it sell this item ever! Wtf?

It then led me to check an item on which I had had a similar problem earlier last year, and YEP you guessed it, this item has also been blocked and when I’ve queried it with Seller support I’ve been told the same thing, BUT on this one I had a reply from the product review team to say my product was fine.

Why do Amazon automatically vilify its sellers without whom they wouldn’t have a business?

Why don’t they ask the customer on what basis they are alleging my products are counterfeit… BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT!


This is who Amazon is now,
The best advice for sellers is do not bet your mortgage on an Amazon selling account, it is a terrible gamble and the false hope created of high turnover, decent margin, leading to spending and enjoying the fruits of your labour, can very suddenly come down crashing around you and VERY scarily quickly.
I am sorry to hear you are going through this


I concur s5s. amazon are now just a machine… I was selling massage oils FBA happily for 5 yrs, Amazon had been fine with exemption sheets then 1 day changed that to wanting SDS sheets, no warning, no “from this date” email… nothing and wouldnt send my stock back it was SDS sheet or destroy £100s of stock… I realised very quickly amazon held my business in their hands so “eggs in 1 basket” and all that just had to accept it and pull all my remaining stock back costing more, before they destroyed more but it certainly makes you realise how vulnerable you are…
…honestly you will get a better result banging your head against the wall, at least you’ll leave a dent… Amazon just dont reply, justify or care anymore, it’s all about their bottom line, then laughingly theyll ask a poll survey of whether sellers think amazon are looking out for them… dont make me laugh​:rofl::rofl: at one time you could at least talk to someone and theyd action or explain… now you’ll get bot responded email and a dead end from SS who just say theyll pass it on, then the same bot response comes back 3 days later… and dont think emailing the MD or makes any difference, they only reply to very short emails (I sent one re my hazmat issue, they didnt reply, I sent it again but shorter, no reply, so sent it again about 1 asin and they replied…(I waited 2wks each time) so if that’s customer service it stinks… Yes its disgusting that a buyer / competitor can buy your item, say it’s fake and its removed but amazon would rather do that than invest in staff to actually look into it, I mean that would cost money for amazon so just blocking it is more cost effective … it’s all about the £$£$£$