Product Under Hazmat Review


Yesterday I created 3 listing of the same product but in different colours and was every perfect, this morning when I go to shipping queue I see this message in two of the products:

“Product Under Hazmat Review
This product is under Hazmat review, which can take up to four (4) business days. If the product is FBA-eligible, you will be able to create a listing at that time. You can also provide additional classification information.”

I need send my products this week because I have to travel this weekend.
How is possible that in 3 same products but different colour 2 said me that.



Amazon have issues with hazmat products. The 4 days can be weeks.
So far have seen them declare hazmat on underwear, umbrellas, some substance called H2O, cardboard, resin, LED, leather, paper, wood and glass.
You may want to fill in a hazmat exemption form (check help section of seller central) for each item - though they won’t tell you a decision, you just have to keep trying to create the shipment.

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