Proof of delivery for LTL or FTL shipments:


Amazon needs a proof of delivery for refunding discrepancies from our shipment.

We used DHL as a courier, called them multiple times, seems like no stamped proof of delivery exists on their side now, also no confirmations of the weight.

How are we able to resolve this issue? Has anyone been succesful by only giving them the invoice and the tracking that confirmed delivery?

Is UPS the better choice? I heard something about them weighing shipments.


If this is an LTL shipment, then DHL should have received a stamp on the POD, when delivery was made.
At the absolute minimum, the driver should have got a signature from Amazon. But that would be unusual.
I can’t believe that a company as large as DHL does not have POD.
I would suggest that you chase them.

Was the shipment from outside the UK and handed over to a different courier?


Thanks. Yes it was just two smaller boxes. However this is a shipment sent inside Germany to a German warehouse by DHL, I usually just post on the UK forums because you get better answers here. I still believe there should have happened some kind of confirmation, especially in Germany lots of things are highly regulated.

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