Proof of Registration for U.S. seller


U.S. sellers, can you please share what type of documentation for Proof of Registration you have been successfully able to pass verification with…

has Certificate of Existence (Certificate of Status) worked out for anybody ?

Thank you for your help.



Certificate of status actually did NOT work for me. Amazon continued to request business registration documents IE. something similar to a certificate of formation for your LLC, LP, etc.

We ended up providing documents that showed that our business was registered in the state of Texas with articles of incorporation. We underwent a name change so we provided the certificate of conversion to them. We also changed from an Inc. to an LP, so we provided that document as well. Within those documents there was a Form 207 which in Texas is the certificate of formation of limited partnership. We were just approved this morning after going back and forth for about a week.

So just to be clear again, the certificate of status did NOT work for us. Amazon needs to see that your business was fully registered along with the address and all of the additional details that go into the registration of a business. The Certificate of Status just confirms that your business is active, and nothing else besides that.