Pulled the plug on Amazon


Absolutely spot on post!

After about 5 years here ive just been booted off for one listing that was removed when it shouldn’t have been. I submitted no less than 9 POA’s and each time it was bounced back with the usual spiel that we haven’t addressed the issue or that information was missing. How many times can you re-word an appeal that did address the issue and also was backed up with relevant invoices and even a letter of authorisation from the rights holder citing we had full permission to sell their merchandise?! We had no help at all from CS whilst we still could speak to someone, and then when AZ withdrew the ability to contact anyone, thats when the curtains were finally being drawn. I even had another complaint issued when we weren’t even selling! Total mess and beggars belief the way we’ve been treated.

Ive always sympathised with sellers here when they got suspended, look at what happened to “K” for example.

I’m now having to start a claim to get my final disbursement released. I’ve lost about 2K a week now. I wasn’t solely trading here (eggs/basket) but boy i do miss the sales.

Well done to you OP for this post, nailed it mate! Good luck to you and also to everyone here who’s doing their best.



One of the posts above asked what occurred K. Google her name and the word amazon - you will see her side of the story. Somethings gone very wrong because she was incredibly helpful. there are always two sides to a story of course. I am sure we will fond out one day.

Meantime, I do like Amazon very much, but not seller support and the pain which can be inflicted through having to ‘battle’ to understand things.

Supposedly, the ‘unifying purpose’ is making money. This should unite sellers and Amazon in the common purpose. But it seems to me it can have the common effect of pitting one against the other. This is a bizarre means of doing business,


I’ve done exactly the same thing - store closed! Original post sums everything up pretty well but in summary for me selling on Amazon needed the most effort for the lowest sales, and lowest margin.

Ebay and Etsy are so much better, looking for a third to replace Amazon in the near future


Going The same way here, about 40% moved now looking to do some more very soon.
Sold over 2000 of one item, then received news the listing is suspended for a complaint item is used???
Submitted the usual POA, and as everyone knows gets the usual drivel back(copied/pasted ) reply you have not submitted enough information. Then sod it I will remove it and take it to eBay, never had complaint of this nature in 12 years then 3 in one week??? something not right here.
Just happen to be my top 3 selling items? seller support suspects a rival getting my listings removed.
But the usual answer, I understand but there is nothing we can do, submit a POA.
At least on Ebay we can talk to people that really do try to help you.