Pulling out of the EU amazon market FBA


I’M trying to pull out of selling in the EU with FBA. All the info on how to do this is either out of date or does not seem to be correct. could someone tell me how to do it . Baby steps.


Do you mean PAN EU? Your question is very vague.


I’m in the same boat. I’ve un-enrolled from PAN EU FBA, now I’m looking to recall all of my PAN EU FBA stock back to a UK fulfilment centre. I’ve raised a case with Amazon to see what they can do.

I suspect i’ll need to create removal orders for the stock, but I’m hoping Amazon will just re position it to a UK centre.


Hi, I’m in a similar situation and was wondering how you got on? Did you have to raise a removal order or were Amazon kind enough to just ship all your euro stock back to the UK, and if so how did you get them to do it?


I’ve withdrawn from PAN EU FBA, as the VAT registration requirement is too much for a start up like mine. I’ve left the stock where it is, since withdrawing a lot of it naturally got migrated back to the UK. The rest i’m running down to zero. If any of the other EU states somehow clock that i had 5 items stocked in their country, i’ll have to settle up with them if it becomes an issue.


Cheers for the update. I know what you mean about the Euro VAT trap, I’m nowhere near making enough to justify that sort of outlay. I don’t feel Amazon make the implications of signing up to PAN EU FBA clear enough.
Anyway, I’ve unsubscribed from PAN EU FBA too so hopefully my stock will eventually find its way back to the UK.


I have never signed up for PAN EU, but some how my stuff turns up in europe. I disslike selling in europe as it seams to cost 50% or more. PanEU from what i can see only cost me more.
I might be wrong but, with Brexit looking like a big balls up. I’m not signing up to anything.


No, although they seem to have taken it on them selfs to send my stock there.
I don’t want to sell in Europe full stop. For me, it’s not cost effective. The fact I then have to then transfer my euros over at a cost is another reason. It’s that or open a bank account in the EU., not something I want to do at this point.,


You can try this option if you are using FBA

On your Seller Central Home Page
Go To
Settings >>
Fullfilment by Amazon>>
Shipping programmes and export settings>>
FBA Shipping Programmes and Export from Amazon.co.uk … Select Edit
Select the Domestic option

That should than only allow your FBA products to be sold within the UK .


If you are in another EU country and only want to sell it lets say France than in the fourth Step select your applicable country . So for France it would be
FBA Shipping Programmes and Export from Amazon.France .
That would than only allow your FBA sales to be within France


They are all disabled already.
I’m sitting here smiling with a ,that figures look on my face. lol


I stopped Pan European in January. It suggests you need 15 days to allow it to become effective. on the 15 day I took a daily stock view. Where I had some 400 items still in European warehouses. Amazon do not return this stock
So I put much of it on sale in the country it was resident in to try and get rid as it was cheaper to try this then force a fulfilment of removal order. However what I have had to do multiple times since is pull reports and track each items movement as in many cases Amazon continued to ship more product. not there yet, but multiple logs later and some arguments, they have (Well I believe they have) removed much of that excess stock back to where I was in January. I do not think at this time there systems are robust enough to stop this over night.
Just to be clear I stopped Pan European stocking, Not selling in Europe, i seen no impact to activity.

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