Purchase shipping labels for Hermes drop-off directly in Seller Central


You may now use Amazon’s Buy Shipping services to purchase shipping labels for the Hermes courier service drop-off. Shipping services available for drop-off are Hermes Standard and Hermes Two Day, and sign up is not required.

For more information on pricing and step-by-step instructions on how to use Buy Shipping, please visit the Buy Shipping page.

Hermes and Selller Fulfilled Prime

But Im pretty sure Amazon don’t accept Hermes tracking as proof as delivery, if someone raises an INR case?


Yes they do. (20 charachters)


How do you find the Hermes drop off points


I sell fragile items. No chance I am letting Hermes throw them around in a car park. They don’t even shelter the parcels from the rain. Okay for t-shirts but nothing fragile or valuable.


So I had a problem with hermes recently. We tried to send 40 parcels to a hermes parcelshop dropoff point. They refused and took half, We then had to send the other 21 the next day. After getting there my parcels from yesterday were still there. they reluctantly accepted the second lot, then i got an email from amazon to say my performance ratings are being affected because i’m not shipping on time. I’m worried im going to be stopped by Amazon because of the volume we sent to the courier and the fact that they refused them all.

Where would you guys go from here?



Bit puzzled- how would Amazon know the Hermes shop didn’t have them. Do you mark as dispatched once postage bought and goods ready to drop off?


You can find drop off location from their Hermes website. Just put you postcode and see the available locations near to you.


This is a bad decision Amazon every one knows Hermes is a careless courier. I’ll avoid Hermes at all cost .


Only currently available for standard orders, not next day or second day orders. Is this normal?


The drop-off point are supposed to scan them as soon as you drop them off, this should tell Amazon that you have shipped the item as this normally shows up within minutes.


Not found this yet, we have had A-Z claims against us that Amazon have found in buyers favour, telling us that as there is no signature they do not accept delivered - even with GPS tracking, and delivery photo’s 1 of which had the customer in the picture with the front door open.

They do also acknowledge that no courier is currently taking signatures so an impossible scenario to win now.


Been using Hermes on my eBay store packages for all of 2020; not one problem to date. Happy that Amazon now uses Hermes. ALL parcels get kicked around with all the shipping services. We need to pack carefully. My humble opinion.


Hermes is a joke, we tested them 2 months ago and sent out 30 parcels with them.

2 of them never arrived, lost.
2 of them, contents were all smashed and damaged
1 of them was totally wet through
1 packet was ripped open, half of the contents stolen and removed.

20% gone wrong…Not a chance we will use them


Next they’ll be adding Yodel :scream:


Bit unfair criticism of Hermes. I’ve used them both nationally and internationally for years and they have never lost or damaged a single order. Have a healthy New Year.


You could use multiple drop off points. It sounds to me this is more the shop being difficult than Hermes. Also if you may find it possible to get Hermes to pick them up from you if you have that many. Even if you just have one order outside Amazon, the person to do the collection will scan and take them off you. It is likely it will be the same driver anyway, Hermes would prefer this since they would not then have to pay the shop commission and the driver would receive it.

Just thinking a little bit outside the box as at the moment I am looking at the same thing.
It is important that you get that first scan, Royal Mail don’t scan until it reaches the main mail centre and I keep getting warnings for late scans.


I would have said the same thing but like all companies they need to raise their game and they are doing so whilst keeping the prices low. At least you get compensation and immediate scans, Royal Mail are slightly better but they just never accept anything that goes wrong and will not improve.


They are available for 2nd day orders iI had my first option for this today


I’ve been using Hermes for 10 years plus. Yes I get the odd parcel late or lost, but they are very few and far between. I book Hermes parcels through Parcel2Go. You get a 2% discount if depositing £100. Prices are good. The orders import directly from Amazon and the other popular auction site. Dispatch confirmations automatically go back to amazon.