Question about Amazon gift vouchers


If I buy an Amazon gift voucher in pounds sterling. Can I send it to someone in another country (The Netherlands) and can they use it to buy something on the Amazon UK site?



Thanks for your question.

Yes, as long as they use it on the UK site they shouldn’t have any issues.
I live in Ireland and have been able to use gift vouchers on the UK site with no problems.

I hope this helps.





That is strange.

Does the person you wish to send it to have a buying account on
If they do I wouldn’t see any problem with this, I have done it myself. However, I don’t work for customer services and just speaking from my own experience.
On the gift card page under the redemption section it advises that they can be redeemed towards the purchase of eligible products on
[Gift cards|].




Hi Jessica,
That is what I would have though however, I just spoke to someone on Amazon chat who said it can’t be done although he/she, didn’t convince me.


Hi Jessica,
Unfortunately, a lot that comes from Amazon support is strange.

I would agree with you that if they have an Amazon UK account, there is no reason why they cannot use the voucher.

Thank you for your assistance.

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