Question about suffocation warnings and if need in multiple languages


Hi, I’m a uk seller and want to use the EFN, however my product comes in a opp bag and as the opening is more than 5 inches I believe you require a suffocation warning? my main question is does the warning need to be in all the languages in the EFN if I plan to sell in those countries? My product isn’t a toy or for kids if that means anything.



I would say yes to be on the safe side, but you’d probably get away with just having it in English. It wouldn’t be particularly good if all your inventory was in FCs then someone at Amazon decided it doesn’t meet the requirements so it would have to be removed, the bag replaced then sent in again.


I believe that the language of the suffocation warning should be in the local language of each Amazon marketplace, where the particular product will be advertised for sale.

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