Question reimbursement


Dear All,

I am selling FBA from the UK including DE, IT, France but all is FBA UK based. I just received an email from Amazon IT that one customer has been approved reimbursement and the reason is

Motivo del rimborso: Altro motivo

If I understand this right it is “another reason” and the customer will receive the money but what is happening with the article? Will Amazon get the article back to the UK? or it is just lost? Can/shall I do anything?

Just wondering if you have had this experience with FBA and have any good advice to share.
It is not a big amount but it is more to understand what is happening with the article and also to understand the reason behind the reimbursement.

Have a great weekend.


If this was sold on a different site to the UK, then it’s likely to be returned to that site.
This is unless you have your global shipping options turned off and stock not allowed to be stored anywhere else.
Once it is returned, assuming they don’t reimburse you for it, you can get it returned to you (at a cost), or destroyed (at a cost).


Hi Neil,

Thanks for your input. I have only stock in UK and the have no idea regarding the Global hipping but probably it is turned off.
I am surprised with the information that was handed to me from Amazon IT, it was very brief and I can not really draw any conclusions from it. It is like live with it and look forward!


If you haven’t switched of the global shipping option, it IS switched on!
I’d advise you to double check as any stock stored in any other countries, will in turn kick off the requirement to register for VAT.
In that, it doesn’t matter if it’s a single item ever, or thousands…
But what it will mean, is that it will stop you selling anywhere else.


I signed up for Amazon UK and added on DE, IT, and France but all my stock is in the UK- I checked it approx a month ago. Do you have a link where the global shipping can be turned on or off? and if it is off does that affect my from selling to the three EU country´s ?


Go into your FBA settings.
The ones that you need to look at are:

Allow inventory to be stored in other countries:
This should be only set to the UK.

And at the bottom.

Shipping programmes and export settings
These should all be disabled.

It won’t stop you selling to any other countries, but it will stop any returns going to those countries.


Thanks! really appreciated.