Questions on Prime and SFP Postage Charges


OK. So someone who has Amazon Prime membership can get goods delivered next day for free (assuming the goods are in FBA or SFP)

What happens when a person who does not have Amazon Prime membership buys the same item? Do they get charged postage or is delivery always Second Day?

My main reason for asking is that I sell goods under SFP. The Shipping Template I use when putting goods in SFP means I have to offer free shipping whether the buyer selects Standard, Two Day or One Day delivery. There is no option for selecting a separate postage cost for non-prime buyers.

Does this then mean that anyone (whether they have Prime Membership or not) gets the benefit of free next day shipping? Or is the Next Day option only shown to Prime members?

When I goto buy my shipping label from Amazon, am I forced to buy the ‘One Day’ service if the use is a Prime member and ‘Second Day’ service if the user is not a Prime member? So far, my Prime orders have all specified ‘Second Day’ (so I assume it is from a non-Prime member) - however I am still forced to buy the ‘One Day’ service. So in effect this non-Prime buyer has got all the benefits of Prime membership as they are getting free next day delivery.

Is this a loop hole in the Prime membership system - especially with SFP items?