Quick question on a refund!


Hi just had a message form a lady as follows

12 Oct 1:18 PM

Waiting to long want my money back

Ok fine just about to refund her, then checked the order which was placed on the 30th April and was to be delivered on the 3rd May. It was a birthday card for her husband so you may think she might of noticed the lack of arrival!
This is the 1st and only message from this lady, so obvious question is now that it’s well over 150 days do i need to refund ?
Any answers gratefully received :slight_smile:


Politely respond that as the order delivery was so long ago it is well past the time for advising of a delivery failure under Amazon Terms & Conditions and those of your Carrier, hence you are unable to investigate or assist further.

Then, cross fingers and sit back and wait. Don’t worry about it as worrying has zero positive effect on the situation.


Thanks for the help, wasn’t worried about it just wondered if anything had changed as it does all too often and how erm polite to be in replying :smiley:


Very - Amazon take a very dim view of anything but grovel.


polite but firm… it is way past claiming non-delivery - 6 months? she should be getting the next one ready!


You don’t need to refund at all, mainly because the order is already outside of the ODR window and any potential defect wouldn’t affect your metrics anymore, also the buyer wouldn’t be able to leave you a feedback either.

A-Z claim can be still opened by contacting the Customer Support. Without tracking, it would be granted with a full refund, but you can risk it since you have nothing to lose.

In cases like this, I simply mark the message as “No response needed”.


IMO your buyer has probably clicked the wrong order to inquire about, as the message doesn’t fit the item detail.
A Birthday card for a single specific date would not elicit the comment
“Waiting too long, want my money back”

It would be more like, “This never arrived, I want my money back”.

Have you actualy verified with your buyer that she really means that Birthday card order?


I actually think the professional scammers blanket message all the sellers they have ordered from over a certain period of time to get refunds. I seem to get about 2 a month recently. Of which i reply saying i have proof of postage and that i can send them a replacement or a refund to which i never get a response.

They always send a short message that seems slightly rude. The genuine customers who are waiting for something usually write with a slightly different tone that is more polite.


That’s what I’ve done now :grin:


I did reply to her guess what no response … And as you say it does sound like a scammer so have obviously just left it now as kika suggested. Thanks for clarifying what I thought was ok is :grinning:


You are welcome, feel free to update the thread as soon as you have any news :))


The strangest thing i had a lady message me on Monday saying item not recieved after over 4 months asking for a refund. I thought here we go again!

I messaged her back asking her to confirm it was my item as it had been so long (just over 120 days). I also checked with seller support to find out what the limits are. Customers have to contact sellers in 30 days of an item not recieved from the expected delivery date. To make a A-Z claim they have to do it in 90 days from the date they ordered to make their claim.

My customer did reply really quickly and apologised to say it was not my item that was missing really nicely. I was relieved so now i think sometimes they are genuine mistakes made my people using their phones contacting the wrong seller. An easy slip of the finger on a smart phone can cause a lot of problems. But most of them are trying their luck trying to get a freebie.


Please note that A-Z claims can be opened until after 6 months past order date and this is basically the deadline for non-receipt claims.