Quick Tip: Account Safety – Part 2


Hi everyone!

Following on from Account Safety – Part 1 please see some more tips of how to protect your Amazon account.

Amazon will never ask you for the following information in an email communication:

  • Your National Insurance Number
  • Your bank account information, credit card number, PIN number or credit card security code (including ‘updates’ to any of the above)
  • Your mother’s maiden name or other information to identify you (such as your place of birth or your favourite pet’s name)
  • Your Amazon or Seller Central password

This forum thread shared a new tactic scammers were using to contact sellers: Is this a real message from Amazon
Check out the following help pages for additional information:
Identifying false (spoofed) emails
Keeping Your Account Information Secure
What else can I do to prevent phishers from contacting me?

I’ve been told that I am an heir to a multi-million-dollar estate but I need to fill out a form with all my personal details with my passport attached to the response to gain access; what’s the funniest phishing attempt you have received?

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My favourite is the old 419. A classic.


A real classic! I remember as a teenager my parents getting a letter in the post for that scam!
Just this morning I received an email telling me that I was a “Winner Of Milwaukee Power Drill”! :joy: Power tool usage is not something I am good at!


Haahaha, on the off chance you have, feel free to pass it on… :rofl:

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