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Happy Friday eve!

An earlier Quick Tip explained how to match to an existing product; today we will look at adding a new item.

If you are unable to locate your product using the Add a Product tool, you can Create a new product listing on Amazon. Before creating a new listing on Amazon, ensure that you have the following information:

  • Product identifier: Most products have a unique identification code, such as a UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN. It ensures accurate information on the product detail page.
  • Offer details: Offer details include, for example, the product’s condition, price, quantity and shipping options. You can update your offer information at any time.
  • Product details: Product details include attributes such as product name (title), brand, category, description and images. These details give buyers a clear view of the product being offered and can be used to highlight special features. Mandatory attributes are subject to change depending on the category you are listing your products in.
  • Keywords and search terms: Strong keywords can help make your products easier for buyers to find.

The information you provide typically publishes on Amazon within 15 minutes, and then your offer is visible to customers through search and browse. After you add new products or listings, confirm if you can find your products by searching or browsing for them.

Check out our Quick Tip: Top training videos for New Amazon Sellers - Part 1 for videos related to listing items on Amazon!

What is your preferred method of listing products; add a product or via flat file uploads?

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