Quick Tip: Monitor your account health


Hi everyone!

Did you know that your Account Health page provides an overview of your Account Health page provides an overview of your selling account’s adherence to the performance targets and policies required to sell on Amazon.
By focusing on these three key areas it can help make sure you’re meeting the appropriate targets and policies.

  1. Customer Service Performance which is based on Order Defect Rate. Oder Defect Rate is determined by Negative feedback, A-to-z Guarantee claims and Credit card chargeback claims.
  2. Policy Compliance which is designed to bring seller awareness to intellectual property issues, authenticity concerns, product conditions and other policy violations. Sellers are responsible for knowing and understanding the Intellectual Property laws governing the products they intend to sell.
  3. Delivery Performance which is based on Merchant Fulfilled metrics of Late Dispatch Rate, Pre-fulfilment Cancel Rate, Valid Tracking Rate and On-Time Delivery Rate.

For further details please visit the Seller University page to find additional guidance of how to monitor your account health.

What advice would you share with others to help them look after their account health?

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check the dashboard everyday !


I wish I had included that! Great advice! :slight_smile:


As well as checking the dashboard everyday there are monitoring tools/software you can pay for which alerts you within a few minutes if your account health changes.

I am very paranoid about my account health so this gives me some reassurance I can react to issues quickly.


I never knew there were tools for this purpose! Thanks for the tip! :raised_hands:


Know how to run Amazon business!
Dispatch items in 24 hours,
Reply to emails in 24 hours
Make sure what you sell is good, so no negative feedback
Don’t underestimate Amazon, so you don’t violate any policy


Use wholesalers you trust that sell good products that you would use yourself or give them to your family and friends.


Really great advice! Thanks for sharing!


I like this! Sort of similar to when I’m going to bake something, I make sure it is something I would want myself :wink:


*every hour! :exploding_head:


Do you have any details of these, please?

I do check my account health page several times a day, so yes I think I fall into the paranoid group too!


I might be even worse than you, as I suffer from insomnia, I check it several times during the night as well.


Check quite a few times a day :triumph::weary::roll_eyes:

But I am not so paranoid as I is switched off weekends and evenings lol!


I use Bindwise which I pay 30 dollars a month.

However pricing is based on number of monthly orders. My price is based on up to 10,000 orders a month.

It does a variety of checks not just account health.

I use it primarily to get notifications of product changes but account health updates are useful.

There are others out there as well which maybe cheaper.


I check twice a day you really need to IMO, but having said that I never have checked on eBay (what does that tell you?), in fact I would not know how to even if I wanted to


if you do get problems address them as quickly as possible


Advice such as ‘check your account health regularly’ and ‘deal with problems quickly’ are all well and good when you’re the one at ‘fault’ and need to improve your processes.

But what exactly do you do when the all the issues on your dashboard are caused by Amazon themselves because their bots have run amok and Seller Support are useless at resolving them?

How do you ‘look after your account health’ then?


Come onto the forum, and seek help from fellow sellers, thousands of sellers receive excellent advise on here and are able to resolve most problems. There are those that are not able to resolve their problems, but these are usually sellers who have caused their own problems, or are too stubborn to accept the advise that they asked for in the first place.


These forums are a great place for getting advice to resolve your issues - many on here are far more knowledgeable and willing to help than Seller Support, certainly - and some forum regulars deserve medals for their dedication to helping other sellers.

However, I was referring to issues that are not within the seller’s ability to resolve as they’re down to Amazon’s failings. These are rare, but their rarity makes them near impossible to resolve.

I just find it frustrating that Amazon make such a big deal about your account health and yet, at times, completely trash it themeselves and make resolving the issues a Sisyphean task.