Quick Tip: Now is a good time to update Product Detail Pages (PDPs) for the New Year ahead


Welcome to the first quick tip post!

Here’s a few suggestions of areas you can review and update to refresh your product detail pages for the New Year.

  • Title: Make sure your title conveys the most important product information in 50-100 characters. Stay away from all caps, promotional messaging, and keyword stuffing.
  • Product Description: Use 500 characters or less to include major product features and warranty information.
  • Bullets: Make sure you have 3-5 bullets and ~100 characters per bullet. Tell the customer only what’s most important about your product.
  • Product Images: Aside from your product’s main images (ensure they are high resolution on a white background), highlight product features, lifestyle use cases, and other product details with 2-5 alternate images.

Check out this help page for more information on product detail page style and requirements.
Please see Seller University for ways to improve your product detail page.

What’s the most impactful change you have made to your PDP?

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You make it sound so easy.

I don’t think I’ve succesfully improved any PDP’s in the last 12 months even when the info on the PDP is clearly inaccurate. (We have no control over the PDP’s as they are not our brands, only god knows who does have control in this case.)

However when Amazon jumps on an ASIN they can make it a multipack overnight using the same EAN :roll_eyes:

Here’s a nice example of a great PDP:

Note it shows ‘75 pack’ on the picture, then it shows 6 units but below that it shows 75 articles? - and all that for a mere 3 Euros. I wonder how Amazon would actually deal with customers expecting 75 units to be delivered (if they had them in stock atleast)

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It’s hard enough (near impossible) updating PDPs for items where I am the only seller but don’t have Brand Registry. It must be impossible when there is more than one seller.


Hi @PlanB!

Thank you for your comment. While I don’t have additional advice to provide you in relation to this, you have provided me with information that I can use and pass to relevant teams. If I receive any information regarding this I will let you know.

Thanks again,


Hi @NoOneToldMeIHadTo!

Thanks for your post; we are always looking for additional ideas and suggestions from sellers for information that we can share.



Here’s one @Jessica. Whenever a seller requests a change to a PDP which gets refused by Amazon’s bot, there needs to be a mechanism for the seller to challenge that refusal and for the request to be adjudicated by a human.


Go a step further remove the bot from the equation. Remove the branding from item which are not actually made by the seller as a consideration. There are items in the catalouge that have been wrong for years but as we are not the “brand” owner we cannot correct incorrect entries resulting in most people withdrawing their offers.

Here is a favourite of mine

and a bot does not recognise there is a problem and seller support merely say contact the brand owner.now how these pics were changed in the first place is another question as i cant get them changed to the correct version how did some dodgy seller change them to the toaster.


Maybe allow recognised long term sellers of brands (that aren’t theres) to request amendments to items that are then looked at by someone human. I have loads of recommended improvements on the inventory page but can’t change any even though I’ve been selling the brands for over ten years


Something that most of us (including myself) don’t appreciate is the sheer volume of change requests that go through the system daily. There must be hundreds of thousands. So having humans involved from the very first request is not viable. Bots are vital to prevent the system from grinding to a halt but they need to work well and when they don’t, to be overruled by humans.


One area of improvement. When you try to change a Product page you are unable to. When you contact seller support to ask why it is because the brand owner controls the listing.

A lot of time the brand owner does not control the listing, they don’t even have an Amazon presence. It is normally the person who created the listing in the first place who has control over the listing.

In reality you are often unable to change the product detail page if you didn’t create it. This is because you don’t have control over it. This needs to be looked into.

This often means you can’t update product pages to show correct information. This means you either sell the product knowing something is wrong on the product page (not advisable) or you choose to sell the product elsewhere. Neither of these scenarios are good for the customer or Amazon.

Also one other thing Amazon need to look into is when the original lister of a product page deletes it from their catalogue then often the product page loses description, bullet points and other vital information. This shouldn’t happen as it means the product can go suppressed and you can’t then edit it with the correct information.


It happen to me that I’m the listing creator and the only seller for the products but amazon is not allowing me to change the Product titles and photos. Because I need to contact the brand owner which is not even present on amazon! It’s being a nightmare thing to sell on amazon to be honest.


Do you know that most of the time we are not allowed to change our PDP. I’ve created international listings using BIL feature and now I want to change the translations and the never get approved! Also want to create a variation of a product on a listing originally created by me which is exclusive (no other seller selling same item) and it says that I need to contact the brand owner which is not eve n present on amazon!

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