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Hi all!

I want to thank everyone that has been contributing to the Quick Tips posts in recent days! We appreciate all of your comments and are working to create new posts to support you where we can.

Every second Friday we will post a recap of the previous weeks. This recap post will only be open for comments for a few hours. To receive updates of topics in this category you can click on the grey circle on the right-hand side of the category page and click ‘Watching’.

These are the links to our first 4 posts:
Quick Tip: Now is a good time to update Product Detail Pages (PDPs) for the New Year ahead
Quick Tip: Monitor your account health
Quick Tip: Getting paid
Quick Tip for New Sellers: Selling Plans and Business Types

If you have any suggestions of other topics you would like to see posts about please let us know on these recap threads.

Happy Friday!

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