Random Suspensions with no notifications hell


Last month I was randomly suspended with no notification. Checked other EU marketplaces and there were no notifications there also. After emailing seller performance, I got an email from verification team asking to update my legal entity. After changing to sole proprietor and providing additional documents, my info was verified and was allowed to sell again but suspension remained in place. I had to send a email to verification team again for them to lift the suspension which happened the next day.

About a week later I had another email from verifications asking me to change my legal entity because they thought I was still on individual entity despite changing to sole proprietor the previous week. When checking identity info, it said I was a sole proprietor. I just made sure sole proprietor was selected and hit submit verification again. Following day I received the email again that my information is verified and can sell.

Today I login and find that my account has been randomly suspended again with no notifications anywhere! Sent an email to both performance and verification team to investigate.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? This is second time I received a suspension with no notifications. There must be something glitched on my account to cause these random suspensions to keep happening! It is driving me mad!


Over the past few weeks, I have seen several sellers reporting issues on the forum where Amazon suspended their account due to legal entity, which was already correctly entered in their Seller Account.

If you are having this happen to you regularly, I would suggest you to open a case with the Seller Support to report the potential technical problem.


Yeah support have confirmed that this random suspension is verification related and was told I should receive an email within 24 hours. I have yet heard anything back from verifications, but I believe it is related to my legal entity again.

I have reopened the support case and asked them to forward to technical team to look into my account to make sure everything is set properly.


So yeah support completely ignored my request to investigate possible technical issue with my account and told me to email verification team and closed the case. I already emailed the verification team on Monday and yet to hear back from. Should I email again or wait a bit longer? Getting really fed up with this.


I am sorry to hear this, unfortunately I had a similar issue with verification being triggered repeatedly despite being already verified when I updated by own account information.

I can only advise you to be patient and address any requests for documents which you receive from Amazon.


Hi, I’m in the same boat here. I have a 13-year-old account and have just been suspended for the first time. There is no email notification, just a message in Seller Central telling me to refer to the non-existent suspension email. This is exactly 14 days after I was given 14 days to update my legal entity information, which I did and was successfully re-verified, so I strongly suspect it is related to this. Please keep us posted on how it goes.


Hi, any updates? I opened a case in seller central and am disappointed that that have closed my case without even a reply. I don’t know what my next step is – email the verification team?


Thanks for the advice. I’m just doubting whether I’m even in a queue. I opened a single case on the 15th by clicking the “reactivate account” button, and it was marked closed on the 17th without a response. I haven’t opened multiple cases or sent any emails.


Having the case marked as closed indicates that your submission was forwarded to the relevant department and you just need to wait for them to get back to you.


That’s good to know, thanks.


Still nothing. Last time they pretty much replied the following morning before and now it’s like taking forever. Can’t create a new case for regular support also because of this silly system they have where you can only email seller performance during account suspensions.


Just an update on my progress. I’m not suspended any more, wahey!

I was getting impatient and decided to ignore Kika’s advice (sorry Kika!) and email seller-verification-enquiry directly. 10 minutes later I got an email saying they’d reviewed my account and that it’s fully accessible again. Obviously this would only work for people with verification issues, not performance issues.

Not a nice experience to go through and I’ll still be dreading logging in to the account suspension notice for a while. Best of luck to anyone else still stuck.


You are right, e-mailing seller-verification-enquiry@amazon.co.uk with additional information or asking them to update you can speed up the verification process. The same wouldn’t be the case with performance issues.

That’s great that you managed to get reinstated after escalating the case again.


Update on this crazy situation, I emailed managingdirector@amazon.co.uk last week and got this response from email address verification-vendeur-requete@amazon.fr.


Thank you for contacting us.

My name is ########, and I’m a member of the Amazon.com Seller Performance Escalations Team. The Amazon UK Managing Director received your email and I am responding on his behalf.

Having reviewed your account thoroughly, we have decided that your account will remain closed. All information provided by you has been considered in detail. This decision has been reached because we have not been able to successfully process your application to open a Selling on Amazon payment account.

Due to the current European rules and regulations that Amazon Payments Europe abides by, I am unable to provide you with any further information. We may not respond to further correspondence regarding the closure of your account.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Kind Regards,

Escalation Specialist

What bull is this and what the hell has this got to do with amazon.fr!? All my account verification was being handled with uk verficiation team seeing I am from UK and after I re-confirmed my legal entity was sole proprietor I received the email 7th August 2019 that my information was verified and can start selling. And then the account suspension happened again with no notification about a week later. I sent another email to seller-verification-enquiry@amazon.co.uk and replied to verification-vendeur-requete@amazon.fr.

I also created a case asking to see if my selling account information was set correctly and to forward to technical team.

Absolute joke of a company!


Read the notice carefully.
The reason for your rejection is the payment side of things

It isn’t your legal entity or anythig like that, it’s the bank info you suppplied. It does not meet their requirements, so even though you otherwise passed verification your application has now failed.

They obviously revisited the whole application, reviewed your bank/payment info and decided you no longer meet the requirements, unfortunately.


Review this thread where the same issue is being discussed. The communication indicates that your account failed to pass the initial verification:


I just can’t see it being my bank and credit card, as first they asked me to change legal entity which I did and changed to Sole Propreitor, they confirmed the change and verified by email. Weeks later they sent the same email again saying they believe I selected wrong entity and they said I was set as Individual despite setting it to Sole Proprietor. When I checked, everything was correctly set to Sole Proprietor so I just clicked submit verification. Received the same email that my information was verified following day. Based on that and what others told me, it made sense that account settings could be glitched in same way.

A few days later my account was suspended again with no notification and since then been getting nothing until I received that email from france verification team. Could it mean my problem lies with verification team from france?