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I’ve dithered for weeks on whether to post about this because I don’t want it to become a big deal or seen as me being petty.

I sell in Handmade > Home & Kitchen > Artwork > Photographs and I rank well in the top 100. All great, but all I really care about is making a living, so being the top or in the top is just an added bonus. But it irks me slightly that another seller also hogs the same top 100, selling mixed media work (for which there is a node for, and others doing similar products are on it) made from ‘collected’ items put in a frame.

As rankings make a difference to search results, as we found out this week when things went pear shaped, should I open that can of worms? I can imagine SS replying “you can change your node by… blah”.

It’s only since the glitch that I gave it much thought. If indeed, the ranking in a category/node makes a difference to search results?

Mountain out of mole hills? Just me and the dog here. No one else to ask. And to reiterate, it’s only just barely enough of a deal to write this, obviously. But not much more.


Personally i wouldn’t worry too much. Search results don’t go in ranking order and aren’t really bound to such a tight category level as to go 4 levels deep - especially since buyers are likely just searching in either “general” or “handmade”.

To be clear it isn’t so much your ranking that it is important for visibility, it is being attached to a browse node so that the search algorithm can include you in the results to begin with. That’s why the recent Handmade snafu impacted sales so much, not really because the sales rank went away - the algorithm was basically blind to the listings.

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