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I’m looking to close my account. I started my account nearly 2 months ago but it was deactivated since day 1. I haven’t sold anything. In order to close my account im looking to activate it first but cannot seem to find the reason why its been deactivated. Can someone tell me why or give me a contact number to phone or email so i can resolve the issue.


Your previous threads stated you had failed verification

On the one you said you weren’t registered as a business but sell on the side

On the next one you said you were under 18 (although your thread this morning states you have a credit card ?!)

Under 18 year old cannot open seller accounts

Once you’ve turned 18 , you’ll need to restart verification in order to complete the account and then you can close it

You won’t be able to open a second account


I am not 18 years old i’m 53 my son helped me with the technical side of things on the computer but im the seller. I’m looking to get my account verified. Can you help me with this?


Who’s name and address is on the account - yours or your sons?

If yours , are you registered with HMRC as a sole trader or Ltd company ?

From your sons previous threads, he already asked if he could trade but put your details down - hope you understand the implications of this before doing it


Yeah my son wanted to help me out and was asking if he could do that when hes 17 and i would set up a payment scheme for him as an employer. However, due to personal reasons I (Brian Murray) do not want to continue with amazon selling so just want to reactivate my account and close it. Can yo help me with that?


You need to reactivate the account first

So if its in your sons details, he’ll need to complete verification
If its yours, you will need to complete verification


Yes i am the seller, i have tried completing the application a few times but must be doing something wrong as im old and bad with computers. Is there a contact number or email where i can get a specific reason as to why im not verified? This would greatly help me.


Unfortunately they are not contactable

You need to post the most recent performance notification

Who’s name and address, DOB etc is on the account and who’s passport and utility bills were uploaded ?


:open_mouth::open_mouth: oh no!


53 is only old in the eyes of the young :wink:


everything is done through me i think the reason it got deactivated first was because i uploaded my bank card instead of my credit card. I have now fixed that and resubmitted my ID + utility bill. Do you think that would work?


i appreciate that :slight_smile:

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