Reason for contact: Item Does Not Meet Customer Expectations



We’ve been contacted by one of our mutual customers regarding an order placed with you.
Below is the information provided by the customer:
Order number: x
Item: x
Reason for contact: Item Does Not Meet Customer Expectations
Details: The item has arrived, but it was not as expected. Please research the issue and contact the customer.
To respond to this customer, please reply to this e-mail or visit your seller account at the following link: x
We hope you’re able to work this out with this customer.

Customer Service Department


haven’t seen this before. probably my fault and not the buyer’s fault.


All you can do is reply to the question which will go to the customer and not Amazon Customer Services.

Ask the customer for some details of why the product does not meet their expectations and tell them that if they want to return the product for a full refund then open a return request.

There is no information in the message to give you any indication what is wrong so no other action you can take except for checking the listing matches the product.



If the customer will give you details of why the product doesn’t meet their expectation you could use that feedback to check if exist any opportunity on the product description.

@Smiley_Guy- thank you for your post!



To me it means


Most of the time they leave the comments blank therefore the seller can only use the information Incompatible or not useful for the intended purchase. The return falls into the heading buyer responsibilty is charged for the return postage or deducted from the retail cost of the order.

Also if the buyer looks at the order history they have several options return, problem with order, feedback etc. All they need to do is select return and follow the returns process. Not sure why Amazon customer services would need to send the seller a message?