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We’re fairly new to Seller Central FBA (we have previously used Vendor Central).
We only have 4 SKUs on SC and are finding it difficult to keep a track of the stcok balance held. What we would like to see is a bank account type of statement for each SKU with quantities being shipped in, minus sales and plus inventory returned etc. to show the daily balance.
I have been keeping spreadsheets that I update daily but with the increase in Sales over Christmas have found this impossible.
We can see the FBA inventory held but want it broken down as above so we can double check entries.
Can anyone help with how you do this please?


Two reports might be helpful:

  • Reports > FBA > Inventory > Daily Inventory History
  • Reports > FBA > Inventory > Inventory Reconciliation


Thanks Barry
The second one in particular helpful, although when the lost does not equal the found, I’m not sure what we can do to get compensation for the items missing?
Do you have a routine that you follow to keep track of stock?
Thanks Sandra


This should be automatically be reimbursed 45 days after the loss if the item isn’t found. One thing Amazon do is lose an item in one FC, then use a lost and found action in another FC to move the date of the first one. They can also provide inventory in place of a reimbursement, or if they later find inventory roll back the initial reimbursement.

When I first started I tracked everything, but soon realised that spending 1-2 hours a week tracking inventory just to submit one reimbursement request amounting to £5 every month just wasn’t worth it.

If something has gone amiss (e.g. inventory delivered to FC, scanned in and later ‘unreceived’) I start tracking it properly using the Inventory Event Details and Inventory Adjustments reports.


Whilst damaged stock is reimbursed by Amazon automatically. Stock lost is not automatically refunded.

You must contact seller support to initiate a claim for missing units and this is only possible 30 days after the item was marked missing.

I generally email a canned response;
“This is a request for reimbursement of items marked as Lost.

You can usually get away with 10 ASINs per contact and they are exceptionally good at processing these usually in a few hours.

These instances can be found under the report;

Reports > FBA > Inventory > Inventory Adjustments

Whilst Amazon have got alot better at not losing things - they still lose quite a lot of items. In general I would receive about £12-£24k a year from Amazon for items they were losing in the FBA warehouse.

It should be said we have commingled stock off - if you have this turned on they will often replace your lost item with one of their own or another sellers.


Thanks again Barry.
We are under the same conclusion as you at the minute but it will be worth keeping an eye on how many are lost as per TUFs reply below, as that’s an awful lot of money to miss!


Lost stock is automatically reimbursed after 45 days, but they often use a lost and found event in another FC to move the date.


That’s for replying.
We might just keep an eye on how many they appear to lose. Up until November I was keeping exact track of all stock in, out, lost & found and saw no problems Everything balanced to the Manage FBA inventory totals
It was just over the end of Nov and all of December that our purchases went up so significantly that I could not keep up with updating the spreadsheets for each SKU.
We need to work out if it is worth me spending all that time just to agree 99% of the time with the stock holding.
N.B. We cannot have comingled stock as they are consumable.
Thanks again


I just double checked my reimbursements, missing and found events over the last 90 days and have items missing at about 90 days but not found and not reimbursed automatically.

Amazon almost without fail will reimburse items not returned to the FC by customers if not returned within 45 days. But I am almost certain I have never received a “Warehouse: Lost” attributed reimbursement without asking for it directly.

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