Refund at first scan for seller-fulfilled returns


Starting September 30, 2022, seller-fulfilled items returned using the Prepaid return label program will be automatically eligible for refund at first scan. Once refund at first scan is enabled, customers using an Amazon prepaid return label will receive a refund immediately after they hand over the return to the carrier and the return label is scanned.

Refund at first scan eliminates the manual effort needed to process returns in Seller Central, significantly reduces buyer contacts and A-to-z guarantee claims, and makes it easy to comply with our policies.

Our return and refund policies will continue to apply to all refund at first scan eligible orders. To protect you from abusive customer behaviour, we also take into account customer returns history, before processing a refund at first scan.

You’ll be notified via email each time refund at first scan is issued. Go to notification preferences to ensure your contact information is up to date.

If a customer returns a damaged, incomplete, or materially different item or a customer return is otherwise not within the our return and refund policy, you can file a SAFE-T claim to request a reimbursement of the refund that we issued.

For more information, go to Refund at first scan for seller-fulfilled returns.


I’m guessing this means we should also be expecting to see an increase in empty envelopes and completely different items.


I am sure some sellers are going to be very happy with this… :slight_smile:

But when i sent back some items to Amazon (that i purchased from Amazon), it took 3 weeks to get back my money after having to buy the labels myself. They did pay me back for it, but would of been easier if the sent a prepaid label.


So how do we verify the return meets legal requirements in that it has to be returned in its original condition. At least Ebay encourage you to check the item before refunding


Yes My exact thoughts also.

I am sure Amazon have a meeting and the topic is “How to make a scammer life easier” to find out what they should implement next.

Refunds should not be given until the item is returned and fully received to ensure it is the correct item, not damaged and in original condition then a refund or partial refund can be made accordingly.

Correct me if I am wrong but filing a SAFE T claim and being reimbursed from Amazon - will that not mean the buyer still has their full refund, therefore still wins regardless or scamming.

For example this will just encourage people to order an item use for a few weeks on their holiday for instance, then return when no longer needed to get all money back. Rinse and repeat for the next holiday


Perhaps Amazon you could take the opportunity to clarify the claims process for lost returns via Royal Mail and Evri - you know, the companies you’ve worked with to provide the labels. They are after all, your labels - not ours, causing us headaches when we speak to the couriers (thats if we even can)

Evri has been a lost cause since you launched the Prepaid Return Labels for a start.


that was what I thought on reading the what not to claim a SAFET for " * Orders that were lost or damaged in transit. Instead, you can file a claim with the carrier for a possible reimbursement."
How can we when they will ask for the proof that we sent yet we did not the customer did. Royal Mail always want the receipt for a claim that we would not get as the person handing in the parcel would receive this!


Yet again, another ill thought out scheme from Amazon against FBM sellers. This is absolutely playing into the hands of scammers.

I see Amazon have discretely sneaked a change into the return postage policy too. Returns made by customers 0-14 days will have postage costs bourne by the seller. This is absolutely ridiculous. Sellers should be able to deduct the cost of the postage label regardless of the length of time taken to return the item.

Oh - and it’s probably not less manual effort because I still need to process the return / refund in our accounts system - but I also need to check each and every return to make sure it’s been refunded because some might not be automatically done!!!


My experience of trying to make an Evri claim (was Hermes when I tried) was very time consuming & round & round in circles.

Hermes said I needed to file the claim with the label issuer, Amazon.

However I knew from the invoices Amazon issues sellers they use a third party, Grattan PLC (catalogue company), to issue the Evri pre-paid labels. So the contract with Evri is actually with Grattan PLC. In the end I escalated the issue to Grattan PLC customer service. Eventually the parcel was found some 4 weeks later & returned.

I would advise people claiming to contact Grattan PLC customer service as they provided the label.


Isn’t it simple, each return item incorrectly returned gets a seller to buy an item from amazon and return the incorrect item the buyer originally returned to us. Amazon are happy for the customer to return incorrect items so they will be equally thrilled when we as sellers send those items to amazon as returns


Starting September 30, 2022, seller-fulfilled items returned using the [Prepaid return label program]will be automatically eligible for refund at first scan. Once refund at first scan is enabled, customers using an Amazon prepaid return label will receive a refund immediately after they hand over the return to the carrier and the return label is scanned.

Sounds like its optional to me ???

I won’t be enabling it absolutely no chance!


Amazon are auto enabling it 30th Sept.


Amazon are auto enabling it 30th Sept.


This is absolutely ridiculous and open to scammers. Refunding without receiving it back its awful, more buyers will be spending more, sending it all back (or pretending to) and getting a full refund and if we dont get it back or it gets lost in transit the maximum they pay out is £30.00, what happens of its over £70 like some of my sports bras are when purchased a few of them. I cannot get my head around this at all.


It’s a case of Amazon making 3P sellers life a hell. This is an ill thought out process but as usual, Amazon expect us 3PS to soak it up and live with it.

Amazon doesn’t even give a meat about what happens to sellers and their policies affects sellers business and mental health. Having fraudsters defrauding sellers is already at an all time high, coming up with a process and forcing it on sellers to aid more scams is another ill thought out process by the giant amazon

Not even a chance to opt out. Whose life is amazon making easy, buyers, sellers or amazon itself!!!

Any chance of Amazon reviewing this unwarranted process?


Amazon are simply making the returns process the same for FBA and FBM.

Customers often don’t know the difference between FBA and FBM and so Amazon are making the policy the same for both.


NOTHING should be refunded until the item is returned, it is common online trading practice and not one other online company would do this. To everyone who sells expensive items, good luck now as if you thought it was bad before…


Amazon has got this one wrong for sure.


Very wrong you mean. SS said unfortunately no option to opt out of the policy when I raised a request to opt-out. Better days are coming, hang in there


They genuinely are just promoting scamming at this point to benefit themselves, been going downhill massively for years now starting since a-z claim. Dont know who comes up with these ideas and think that they are actually good.