Refund from monthly payment fee for Seller Account as Professional


Dear Seller Contact Support,

It’s my mistake that I didn’t understand perfectly about Selling on Amazon.
I was registered as Profession plan for several marketplaces. It charged me more aside monthly fee $39.99, even I already signed as on vacation.
Until now, I didn’t have any items yet neither have any sales transaction.
Now, I have downgraded and assigned all marketplaces as vacation.
For is still under Professional plan.

My questions are:

  1. How to refund my monthly payment charges $39.99 on 26Jun20 & $33.00 on 03Aug20 ?
  2. I still see under Professional plan, is there any charges in the future?

Thank you for your time,


This is NOT seller support you are messaging, just a forum of other sellers.
You will need to open a case with seller support and request a refund of the fees as long as you have not sold anything.