Refund issued to customer who sent back a different product!


Hi all

We are a small business and have launched our product on Amazon’s platform to attract more customers to our brand since our SEO is slighlty slow and needs working on.

Now this issue is a first for us and with Amazon’s rubbish policies, sellers are always set back.

So we have had a customer request a refund from Amazon on 22nd December 2022. Since our products are FBA, Amazon initiated this return straight away. The item was returned on the 5th Jan 23 and on the 10th Amazon contacted me to inform me that my inventory, with the same ASIN as the refunded order, had become unsellable. Therefore, I was instructed to remove this from the inventory. When I questioned why it had become unfulfillable, they simply stated it was defective. I quality checked all my products before sending them in to Amazons FC.

Upon contacting the bots again, I was sent this as part of the email; “The product changed the status as defective after the buyer order 026-7895264-6044309.”

It is quite clear that the customer meddled with the product. But I requested removal as I was told an investigation for damaged goods could only be completed once I remove this and then send pictures in.

Today I received the product and to my surprise the product inside was not even mine! It was a cheap lightweight alternative. My product also has a product count of 2 per unit. This was 1 item sent back that was not even my product! I’m pretty certain the customer swapped my products for this cheap ****. She got her refund and my product for nothing.

I have never experienced an issue like this before so any advice from you all would be appreciated. You can also share your horror stories if you were unfortunate enough :sweat_smile:

I have contacted Amazon with relation to this removal and sent them pictures of my product vs the returned product. I will wait for their response and see what they can do, if anything!


Hey @Light_Stop,

Have you received a response yet?


Yes, they have asked me to submit pictures of the item recieved, a description of my products and other details such as packing slip, LPN number etc. I have sent this to them and once they confirm it is indeed everything they need, they will be able to go ahead with the investigation :crossed_fingers:


Good to hear, do please keep us updated on this!