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Bit of a rant but now and again we receive the old problem with your shipment notification and we need to begrudgingly press the acknowledge button to show that we understand FBA rules.

However in reality, call me harsh but I know it is happening daily throughout all Amazon warehouses, someone is stealing 1 or 2 pieces of the stock we send when it arrives.

Because of this it appears that the declared quantity we said we sent does not match the quantity that was actually received. We have a strict system in place when it comes to sending inventory and theres absolutely ZERO chance that the quantity is incorrect. Needless to say we have no proof of being stolen from but Im sure many sellers can relate.

Does anyone have any experience where they have acknowledged too many problems and have had their account suspended or perhaps been blocked for FBA? Seems unfair we get FBA warnings when it`s an issue we cannot take measures to avoid.


Why are you acknowledging the problems then?
You have the option to start an investigation as well.
This happens regularly and I don’t think there has been 1 investigation where they haven’t admitted their mistake.
As long as you have the invoices to back yourself up, you should win and get a reimbursement.
Really don’t get why people don’t do this.


Not any more. We had boxes checked in that is half empty! Definitely not the case but no chance to investigate or recount, that ASIN later got blocked to send in as i refuse to acknowledge the problem.

Hence we pull back from some fba lines especially high value ones and send no more than 2 asins per box. Hope that improves the check in rate. Sorry OP, no much help for you


I have had numerous issues with this, the last delivery I sent, 6 items went missing, after about 6 emails back and forward and getting absolutely nowhere, they weren’t huge value so I just wrote them off

But there is definitely a huge amount of stealing going on


I don’t believe it’s stealing. Though there may be some.
I think in the main, with the time of year particularly, its just so busy, they don’t pay sufficient attention to what they are counting etc.
Just from the various press reports I’ve read about Amazon staff, they are very much under pressure to get things done yesterday and of course that kind of thing generally leads to errors.


I don’t think it’s theft either, just that they’re too busy to do the job properly - or boxes get damaged and items fall out, and Amazon doesn’t let us know that a box was received damaged.

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