Registering for VAT in Germany using AMZ VAT Services


I want to use Amazon VAT Services to register for VAT in Germany but I can’t seem to get access to the relevant form (e.g. the downloadable Excel form) without signing up to the VAT Calculation Service. I am prevented from doing that because I don’t have a VAT number, which alI seems very chicken and egg. I sell below the threshold in the UK (where I am a sole trader and established) and want to register for VAT in Germany using the Amazon VAT Services. Help!


Might want to have a look at @Blackadder’s post here:

“Regarding your own situation, another possibility might be to register as a UK business. That way you wouldn’t have to go VAT registered until your sales were £85,000 or more. The only down side if you did that is that you wouldn’t be able to sell in the rest of Europe, as you need to be VAT registered in the UK first before you can register in the other EU countries.”

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