Reimbursement Non Amazon entities


Anyone else having issues with getting FBA reimbursements? Mine keep coming back saying " Not reimbursed - We don’t reimburse for refunds issued by non-Amazon entities."

But none of these refunds were issued by me so who else other than Amazon could they have been issued by?

I have challenged Amazon but they are adamant I issued the refund. I keep records of all my refunds in an excel spreadsheet and always mark all the ones issued by me (of which there are not many at all) so I know they are lying.

Anyone else have this issue?


Are these from multi channel orders?


Nope they are S&L FBA orders.


Could well be wrong here but have you got something called returnless refund turned on?


Only for items under £1.49. None of these are anywhere near that cost.


What about other EU marketplaces, have the parametres for returnless refunds on their templates been set? (e.g. for 2€ maximum.)


I only sell UK :slight_smile:


You’re making this hard! :laughing:


Haha sorry! So I challenged Amazon and they predictably replied with the same Copy and Paste message saying:

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

Thank you for contacting us regarding order *************** and its associated refund.

We have completed our investigation on your order.

Breakdown of no reimbursement decision :

Non-Amazon refund units: 2

Non-Amazon refund units: Based on the order ID ***************, the refund for this item was not issued by Amazon.

Refunds issued by entities other than Amazon, including FBA sellers, are not eligible for reimbursement.


Usually at this stage I would try to speak to someone on the phone or by chat but of course we can’t currently do that. It’s really frustrating as they are basically stealing my money.


OK, If this is the new automatic refund it comes automatically from you (non- amazon entity) BUT after 45 days you will be refunded if the item is not found or returned back to your inventory.
CR*P phrasing as per usual. :roll_eyes:


It has been over 45 days already and the item hasn’t been returned. :see_no_evil:


@NicheAtHome Did you get to a resolution on this?

I’ve just noticed a similar statement on a non-returned FBA refunded order (by Amazon, not us), which is the first time we’ve ever come across it.

The reasoning for the refund was late delivery (or equivalent as an Pan-EU order on


Hi @Maverick7 Funnily enough I got a resolution today!

So after getting nowhere with raising a case the first time around I decided to phone Seller Support and speak to someone. The guy I spoke to confirmed I was eligible for reimbursements and the reason for the refund on the FBA order I questioned was ‘non delivery’. He told me to raise another case by email and list all the orders that have this problem and tell them that I spoke to someone on the phone earlier.

This morning they finally told me they will reimburse me for the units. My next fight will be to try to stop every refund that is issued having this problem as I don’t want to constantly be chasing Amazon for reimbursements for FBA refunds issued by them.

My advice is stand firm and don’t accept it when they try to fob you off. They obviously didn’t even check it the first time I questioned it.

Good Luck


Thanks @NicheAtHome

Yes, a fob off attempt was made but currently following it up.

Interestingly, I have checked and if one were to issue a refund oneself for a FBA order, the only 2 reasons you can give are “Customer Return” and “General Adjustment” (or local market language equivalent), so it’s impossible to issue a refund within seller central with the stated reason as anything else, e.g. late or non-delivery.


Yep any seller initiated refunds are never reimbursed. I try to never issue any myself for FBA orders and try to get the customer to speak to Amazon direct. I mean besides the fact it is usually their fault, we also pay them enough that they should deal with it imo.


We have just had another example of a Amazon claiming that a refund wasn’t issued by them (it was) for an order refund that’s past its 45 days and should now be reimbursed.

This was another FBA order that 100% wasn’t refunded through our seller account.

Has this issue become widespread, or is it isolated to a few accounts?


I’m still getting these as well. It’s becoming a very frustrating process to have to constantly challenge Amazon (they usually insist they didn’t refund before eventually admitting they did) to get back the amount.

Still not hearing of anyone else who has this problem other than us though. Maybe people just aren’t picking up on it?


I received the same reply also but it’s only been about 30 days so hopefully dont have to ring to get my money back


I think you will have to speak to someone if after 45 days it doesn’t change from the message informing you that Amazon don’t reimburse for non Amazon issued refunds.