Reimbursement Non Amazon entities


Perhaps does anyone know of a way to prove/check which FBA refunds are issued by Amazon?


This is still happening for me. I notice it is anytime Amazon Customer Service issue an FBA refund with the reason as ‘General Adjustment’. That seems to tell the system that somehow it wasn’t Amazon that issued it even though it was.

It may be worth other people checking to see if they have refunds issued by Amazon that that the system has incorrectly marked as ‘issued by non-amazon entities’. You could be due some reimbursements.


Are you still getting these? Just had another order that went outside the 45 day for reimbursement window, and low and behold, when checking it claims the refund was made by a non-Amazon entity.


I’m still getting this problem yes. Although yesterday I finally got a Amazon Seller Support chat agent to tell me what is going on here. They said:

“It seems that this is an on-going system glitch whereas orders are not automatically reimbursed as it shows that refunds are non-Amazon initiated. However, upon checking these order, I have confirmed that the system initiated the refund as customers requested on their end. I have noted these orders as i will be needing to engage this matter with our specialists for manual reimbursements. I will be forwarding this case after our conversation as the team do not have chat support.”

Since then they have issued reimbursements for the two orders that were past the 45 days since refund issued. I imagine I will still have to chase the other ones I have but at least now I have it in writing that it IS an Amazon system glitch, this means I can refer Seller Support to the previous case where it explicitly states this.

As for getting the issue fixed for future FBA refunds, I did ask and they said they will look into it but I’m not holding my breath.

It may be worth you speaking to chat to get it in writing and hopefully putting more pressure on them to fix the system. Good luck!


I’d take a screenshot if I were you, before it “disappears.” :wink:


Was the first thing I did! We obviously know Amazon too well :rofl:


Thank you for all your investigations @NicheAtHome. I have also had this problem.
Via message I asked them to confirm who initiated the refund 3 times and 3 times they came back with the “Amazon do not issue refunds on non-Amazon entity refunds.”
It is on my list of things to do to get someone on chat today!


No worries @Byngmaster . Keep on it and don’t let them try to fob you off.

I found a good tactic is also to ask them to check your messages from customers. This should show you have had no contact from the customers linked to refunds which in turn would raise the question as to why you would have randomly issued refunds.

Good Luck!


We are still getting a lot of these, so really not sure what’s up.

Most have eventually been reimbursed correctly, but only after several pro-forma replies from seller support who repeat the “non-Amazon entity” they see on the screen in front of them, before once actually forwards the issue to a team who presumably can actually see the issue.

Extremely frustrating that (a) this seems to be quite an islated occurence, but with no obvious cause; and (b) that having had a large number of reports, the glitch causing this hasn’t been fixed.


Same here. It wastes everyone’s time having to go through the process and would be far more logical to fix the problem. The cynic in me thinks it’s done on purpose so that Amazon keep the money for people who don’t check reimbursements match.

Another solution I mentioned to them is that the customer service agents actually mark the refund with a specific reason rather than ‘general adjustment’. This unsurprisingly is not occurring either.

We fight on!!


Hi NicheAtHome - was just about to open a thread on this and found yours. We have same issue - “We don’t reimburse for refunds issued by non-Amazon entities.” Reply comes through in less than a minute. There is an option in the reply to Request a review so each time that is what we’ve done stating “THIS ORDER WAS SENT OUT FROM AMAZON FULFILMENT CENTRE and fulfilment centres are directly controlled by Amazon so therefore must be Amazon entities!”
All are FBA and over the 45 days we are supposed to wait. So far we have had reimbursement for them - waiting on the most recent one at the mo.
Drives me crazy as on the one occasion I bought something from Amazon and had to return it I received all sorts of messages telling me that if I didn’t send it back they would re-charge my credit card.


This is happening to us too on quite a regular basis. Always requires repeated contact with seller support each time to get (eventually) reimbursed.


This is happening to us quite a regular basis.