Reimbursement Reversed - Warehouse Damage/Customer return


Seeing more and more of these reimbursements on our account where Amazon will credit us for the damaged item and then this will be reversed.

My guess is that they have now found the units to be sellable? Can anyone confirm this.

Thanks in advance


I asked about this once and was told by Amazon they they had substituted the reimbursement with a unit of stock.

All my stock is branded so I imagine this would be possible.

I don’t like it much. I have no idea where that unit came from. Did it from from an authorised source?


I always imagined that anything the staff weren’t sure about got thrown in a pile somewhere and reimbursed.

Then at some stage someone else goes through them, unfolds any corners, wipes down things that got dirty etc, sees if they can “fix” the damage somehow, and when that happens the item gets added back to stock and we get a reverse.

Whether this is true or not I cannot say, just what I imagined happening as something similar happened in an old factory I used to work in

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