Reinstate an old account


Hello. I had a first Amazon account that I choose to close and opened a second one on the same day.
Unfortunately, my second account got deactivated because amazon seller account said it’s related to the first account.
How can I reinstate the first account?

In the policies, it says that I can open the account again at any time using the same email. Which I tried but no success. I am stuck. Can someone help?


As you have discovered, it’s strictly against policy to have a second account without permission.
All you can do, is to ensure that the second account is closed and then appeal the decision from the original account, explaining what has happened.
Don’t expect it to be sorted out quickly. This can take quite some time, if they even accept it.


How can I appeal my decision of terminating the account?
If I terminated the second account can I try to open one in the USA with the same company used on the Amazon UK site?

Thank you.


What was the reply when you attempted to reopen the fist account?