Reminder about upcoming change to ‘dispatch confirm’ requirements on your account


You do not have to send everything tracked, and Amazon’s buy shipping is simple. It is also cheaper than over the counter at the PO for small parcel size items.
You will need to weigh your items and enter the dimensions, then choose which method you want to use.
Someone a while ago mentioned that it only gave them the option of Hermes, but if you click on ‘see all options’, it will give you the RM options.
Then print out the label, stick it on and take to the PO, they will scan it and give you proof of posting receipt.
As soon as you purchase the label Amazon automatically confirm shipment, so you need do nothing more.


Thank you. There does seem to be some confusion, some people say they have contacted Amazon and been told they dont need to bother with non tracked items, but then this is an update on the last update which turned out, after some confusion, to mean we just had to chose ‘stamps and franking’. Unless something more definite comes up, I am just going to carry on as I am and keep a very careful eye on my VTR. Looking at the ‘how to’ on Buy Shipping, as far as I can see that would mean I need a Royal Mail account. Do you know if that is correct ? I only ship one or two items most weeks. And my neares Hermes point is miles away, and I dont think much of them anyway, I do want to carry on with the post office.


That model may work for you but a huge number of the products I sell and send to customers have a value between £1 and £3. International customers are already paying almost £4 for shipping, doubling or tripling the cost of the item they want. If I insisted (thanks to Amazon) on sending ALL of those orders tracked, they would be paying around £10 shipping for a £1 item. Ridiculous. Any sensible customer will just switch back to buying on eBay (where they take almost 20% of my total sale price including shipping so for a seller no answers via these two main marketplaces are good anymore).


As stated , VTR is purely for domestic shipping - you don’t need to send your international orders fully tracked

I said I personally would send international orders tracked from previous history of losses


Type the weight (e.g. o.04kg) somewhere and then you can copy and paste it into the weight box for Buy Shipping. Every time you do this, that specific weight is remembered for the next time that SKU is ordered so you only have to do it once.


International orders are not included in the VTR metric.

It’s in the policy, which is worth a read for you and any other sellers on here who wish to continue selling on Amazon.


You have to swap the sentence around with these polices to get them to make sense. The script writer was trying to be intelligent or sound articulate.
“Seller-fulfilled orders that are delivered with a tracked delivery service will no longer be confirmed as dispatched by the seller if the seller fails to provide Amazon with the valid tracking ID, soon. Non-tracked delivery services will require a reference number, such as the 2D barcode on Royal Mail click and drop services which can be scanned on delivery, to be entered.”


And 2D barcoded item from click&drop IS scanned on delivery (is supposed to be scanned). It is used internally by Royal Mail for service metrics and to challenge ‘item not delivered’ claims. I have had one instance of a claim when I received a letter from Royal Mail saying the item was scanned proving delivery. Sometime ago it was the intention to allow public access to the status of the item using the 2D bar code. Don’t know if that has been dropped or is delayed because the roll out of the scanners and internal systems has been difficult and covid has got in the way. I have heard talk that it was a setup designed to force ALL online sales to be sent via a tracked service at some point.
Also note that this obsession customers wanting to track hour by hour a purchase is very much an American thing which is being imposed on the rest of the world as if that is what the rest of the world does. It doesn’t! The rest of the world knows it takes a day or two or three for an item to be physically transferred from one place to another. But Amazon have obsessions to achieve delivery before purchase and so on. There is no real world sense in their blue sky ideas. If they don’t work in the real world then beating the seller with the stick harder is used to force it to work.


only for RM24 and RM48 - code CRL - I was talking about 2nd Class Large Letters which are NOT scanned on delivery (code BPL)


Little shop, they are! The whole point of 2D barcodes on ANY label is that RM have a tracking system for all items. It is why if you purchase postage at the counter they will print out a label which has a 2D barcode. Try it. Ask for a 2nd class large letter postage and they will not put a stamp on the package, they will enter the delivery address details and print out a label. You can insist on a stamp, but that will most likely slow down the item in the sorting. The 2D barcode is also used by the modern sorting equipment. It is why they have made a simple click and drop for the public to use without registering accounts and paying via PayPal. I’ve stood and watched my postie scan the barcodes frequently on ordinary 1st and 2nd class. You may not be up to date on the roll out of the system.


ok so are you using code BPL on click and drop for Large Letters ? And putting the tracking number into Amazon ?
Is this Valid for your VTR ?

NOTE - my original post was specifically about code BPL on click and drop - not items purchased at the post office


Thanks James - the cut and paste worked. Its odd with ‘Bulk’ Buy Shipping it only offers you KG and with individual it offers both KG and Grams.
Ok next question (sorry) - in Bulk shipping if there a way to get labels to print 4 on a page? I use sticky labels 4 to a A4 page printed through a normal printer. It wants me to print one label per A4 and the label is in the middle of the page. Huge waste of paper. Any thoughts? I really appreciate this btw.


At the moment I only sell on eBay and use my OBA click and drop, almost all BPL. Amazon suspended my account for unknown reasons and I have been going round and round in circles trying to unlock it without knowing what the problem is since June and failing. I cam on the forums again hoping to find an answer or jet one of the moderators to raise it as they sometimes appear to take on cases - to no avail.
However, reading about the ever growing heap of issues and discovering this one, the one single item I managed to sell and wanted to relist for the Christmas market is too cheap to qualify tracking and it sounds like Amazon are simply looking to force tracking as a minimum post option. There are also many brand hijacking issues and the catalog system continues to implode so I may abandon Amazon for good. I don’t ever buy anything here because it is much more expensive than eBay and delivery times during lockdown was 3 months!!!
Amazon now seems to be all about selling shelf space in its fulfillment centers and the small independant seller seems to more of an irritation they want to reduce and eliminate.
But I can categorically confirm when postie is about to deliver an item, they do not try and decide whether the service used is scannable or not, they scan every single 2D barcode (or they should). How far RM is going with the data is still in development but I know BPL scans are mostly used to measure service metrics and to challenge item not received claims. The problem is for RM when the postie doesn’t bother scanning for whatever reason. Some posties see the scanning as a threat to the workforce and treat it as a ‘work to rule’ and don’t scan - the vast majority do though.


I am not disputing that but it has been confirmed on here MANY times - even by amazon themselves , that code BPL on click and drop for Large Letters is INVALID for VTR purposes - the scan that those items receives is only for internal reference and not passed to amazon as a valid tracking number - hence everyone has either moved over to code CRL (RM24 and 48) or buying postage on amazon directly or selecting stamps/franking

hopefully your account will be reinstated soon but you will not be able to use code BPL for your large letters otherwise your VTR rate will be below target


I’m not saying the 2D barcode is valid as a tracking number, certainly not at the moment. I was making the point that the rules for proving you have dispatched the item for Amazon if you didn’t use a defined tracking service require some other reference that can be verified in some way. For RM that would mean using the 2D as a reference. I understand one of the methods for verifying item not delivered claims would allow the big online platforms to be able to interrogate the scan database in the future. So if a buyer claims not delivered, either the tracking or the reference could be used to verify delivery and the claim stopped there. RM item not delivered claims are very staff intensive and expensive to manage. For the number of cases I have to deal with I personally think all this tracking and referencing is one huge might sledge hammer for a tiny tiny little nut. But the regulator sets limits and rules and the RM monopoly must comply. I think all other delivery services by design are tracking by default which is why the issues all seem to be centered on the steam powered Victorian Royal Mail system with posties that still find the window envelope a step to far.


This WHOLE thread is about VALID TRACKING for VTR purposes - nothing else !
Plenty of advice has been given to various questions - and is correct
Coming on here saying that its not correct, then saying that your account is suspended so you don’t even ship anything, and then doing a u-turn on it being valid is not helpful to other sellers


I think the Amazon system is being engineered to accept it. For the moment it sounds like you select a non entity resulting in VTR becoming n/a. I think. But the construction of the page sounds like it is future proofed for some switch over, soon!, where some form of reference must be given. On proof of delivery receipts at the post office counter, there is a reference number given where stamps are used which will be the reference. I suspect a lot of the confusion here is that a temporary option is provided for getting out of not having a valid tracking number, and the system is half way to being completed. The completion to happen, soon!


well when it does - let us know !


Oh sorry I don’t know about that one.

We use a thermal label printer. Somebody else on here will know the answer though most probably.


Ah ok no worries - is that one of the Zebra ones? Maybe I need to invest in one of those then. Thanks for your help, very much appreciated.