Reminder about upcoming change to ‘dispatch confirm’ requirements on your account


We used to use a Zebra one and it was decent.

We use a Brother one now which is wireless. It was pretty expensive new to be honest but it’s brilliant.


we’ve got a zebra
we got it with a discount through our RM account - £180 and get free labels from RM


It’s probably best to stick to how the policy is being implemented by the system right now, and what is valid, invalid, or exempt.

No offence, but it’s when sellers speculate on what the policy might become, or how it might be implemented in the future or indeed used to be implemented in the past, is when the confusion reigns and sellers new to the conversation or the forums wonder what it’s all about.

BPL letter and large letters are currently invalid for the purpose of VTR. These 2D barcodes will not verified by Amazon as valid(if a seller enters it) since the policy specifically states that this will only happen for delivery confirmation delivery methods, for which BPL letters and large letters are not.

BPL parcels are currently valid for the purpose of VTR. When they receive a delivery scan they do not show up on the invalid VTR report, and when they do not receive the scan, they do show up on the invalid VTR report (and drag the VTR % down) but Amazon say the tracking ID will be verified - because this method is a delivery confirmation delivery method.

CRL large letters and parcels - same as BPL parcels.

One of the main issues all along is that Amazon keep mentioning Royal Mail 1st/2nd Class as an example of a delivery confirmation method - without clarifying that this is only the case for parcels.


OK thanks Little Shop - again it looks like there are benefits of getting a RM business account - but all the forms etc… I just want to print my label and go to the post office and leave it with my lovely postmaster there. Everything was so simple!


What is the model of the Brother one please? I have a small house, I need wireless!


The one we have is a TD-4550DNW8


NO, you do NOT need a RM account to use Amazon’s buy shipping. I don’t have one and like you I sell books, and not many now !
Simply click on the ‘Buy Shipping’ tab next to your order, then follow the instructions I gave you earlier - enter weight, dimensions, choose which methiod of shipping you want (I never use Hermes as my nearest shop is over 16 miles away !), I use RM. Print off the shipping label (which is exactly the same as you would buy from the PO), stick it on, and take to the PO to get the scan and POP receipt. That is it and your VTR will remain at 100% - mine has for weeks/months now.


great stuff. Thank you muchly.


So…if I buy the postage via Amazon on a Sunday and the post office scan on the Monday will that be a problem.Is their a time limit when they need to scan the parcel?


On amazon buy shipping you can change the posting date to the monday


No, it won’t be a problem.
If I recall, I think the label actually says on it something like ‘To be posted by …’ and a date.


Ok thanks.I get the proof of postage and the package just goes in the ordinary postbag.It doesn’t require another scan?The scan at the post office is enough?Sorry little shop,as you know I really want to keep my post office open.I really begrudge lining Jeff’s pockets more than we already do.


Thanks Jilly…


Before I fork out for a label printer,I will give it a go on Sunday.Can I print the label on a usual printer just on paper?


Yes, you don’t need a special label printer - I just use my ordinary printer, on ordinary paper !
I too want to keep my local PO open.


Hi just tried to use stamps and franking and it wont let you without a tracking number !! any ideas ?


Scroll all the way to the bottom.


A few people have reported the same today.


I’ve just typed in random text as a tracking number and it’s allowed it to dispatch. I’ll update it later after I’ve been to the post office and actually shipped the item. It is still editable. I don’t want someone cancelling whilst I’m actually shipping it.


Ours do on eBay (100% - never any unscanned either) but not on here.