Reminder about upcoming change to ‘dispatch confirm’ requirements on your account


I have been using Royal Mail 2nd class stamps/Franking- with no problems- do I need to switch to Stamps/Franking?


Literally everything printed on Click and Drop has a 2d barcode, even letters, but that number is not used for tracking no matter who you take it to scan it. It is for internal tracking only.


“we’ve got a zebra
we got it with a discount through our RM account - £180 and get free labels from RM!”

So which is it? A thread about VTR and tracking or which label printer to use?

I have replied to the moderator! I am not sure what great victory you have achieved by having content replying to the thread’s discussion and adding information removed. Or was it just simply a loss of face because I corrected something you said? All 2D barcodes are scanned (should be) by the postie on delivery, ALL of them irrespective of the postage class or type.


Ok not quite sure why you feel the need to keep going in on all my posts
The postman may or may not scan ALL barcodes on all products but not ALL barcoded methods are suitable for VTR - one example is code BPL for large letters in click and drop - this method is invalid


Again, again - nobody is saying 2D barcodes is valid as a tracked item number, nowhere is anybody saying this so I do not understand why you keep posting this point.

The thread refers to a recent update from Amazon with the instructions containing the phrase, "
In case you use the Royal Mail 24® or Royal Mail 48® or Royal Mail 1st and 2nd class delivery services, ensure that you provide the unique parcel ID (located above the 2D barcode on the label)."

Many people in this thread are trying to reconcile their procedure and method of postage with the advice in Amazon’s guidance. The 2D barcode, which should be scanned by the postie on delivery, is therefore to be provided as stated in the postal declaration instructions by Amazon in their policy revision. You claimed that only a certain set of items are scanned at delivery. That is incorrect. All items with a 2D or other barcode should be scanned on delivery - the failure to do so is another discussion.
The Amazon policy recognises the 2D barcode, it is why it is referred to, and asks the sender to capture that data. Why you wish to be so argumentative about such an elementary point is beyond me. Advice for all, follow the Amazon rules and capture the 2D barcode as instructed if you are not using a tracked service.

The only remaining question is if you use stamps and obtain proof of postage, does the reference number on the proof of postage qualify as the same as a 2D barcode to be captured as part of the qualifying of dispatch. I believe it does since the proof of postage needs the destination address to be entered by the post office counter employee into their terminal. If you were buying postage over the counter a label with a 2D barcode would be printed for you. But it is a point to be clarified, does the Amazon system accept the proof of postage for stamps as a 2D barcode?


When your account gets reinstated and you post your large letter amazon orders using code BPL in click and drop (like you said you used to and like you do on ebay) you will see that they are now invalid for VTR

This was the advice I was giving to another seller when you first stated I was wrong.
I have not disputed that the postie is supposed to scan every barcode on delivery , I have stated that for some reason, amazon don’t accept them all as valid for their VTR policy


“2nd Class large letters through click and drop are invalid for VTR As the ‘barcode’ number on it is only for RM internal use and doesn’t get a delivery scan”

This is the incorrect comment, the 2D barcode DOES get scanned on delivery, or should be. Nobody has suggested the 2D barcode is a public tracking code. Amazon does ask for the 2D barcode to be entered on the dispatch system. I know this barcode is used to verify delivery because I filed a lost item claim with the 2D barcode as the reference and got a letter back confirming delivery had actually been done. It was to an address in NI and as far as I know they were advanced in trialing the developing system of scanners and proof of postage which has been rolled out across the country. How far or to what extent the plan is at the moment to use the 2D scan I do not know, and as a previous poster commented speculation about what might be may be off topic. For the moment, maybe everybody on Amazon is being used as a Guinea pig inputting the 2D code manually. The tracking services are as defined, tracking services. Each item, whether tracked or not, also has this other reference. It exists and Amazon want sellers to put it on the system.


Oh wow, a weekend away and you’re still arguing

Amazon announced a slight policy amendment in July (after you account was suspended) hence you won’t have any orders on your account to clarify this

If you use code BPL for Letters or Large Letters in click and drop, these shipments are invalid for amazons VTR policy

It doesn’t matter how many times you dance around this and talk about how Royal Mail are trialling things in Northern Ireland, the fact is, atm it makes no difference currently to the amazon VTR policy.

I wouldn’t normally bother responding but my concern is that someone may read your latest comment, think that it’s OK to go back to using BPL in c&d for LL and then find their listings suspended because of it.

Now hopefully in time, all barcoded products including letters will be valid for VTR, but as of today, they are not

Here is the announcement from July where you can see the change in policy and responses from all those sellers who suddenly found their BPL LLs as invalid overnight (as you can see by the announcement, only BPL for Parcels is recognised as stated) and they recommend moving over to code CRL (RM24 & 48)


I have a VAT registered and royal mail OBA account. My VTR level is 81% how do I solve this. He says there are deficiencies in our Royal Mail scans.


You don’t.

Read the actual VTR policy, by clicking on View our policies from the VTR metric page - specifically the FAQ regarding non-scanned orders.

This question must have been asked over a thousand times on these forums. The answer is on this thread up above and all the other VTR threads regarding RM 24/48 or parcel delivery confirmation methods.


just wondering if anyone in similar position to us could offer any advice.

after thinking we’d finally got the VTR sorted, yesterday we were unable to send our Royal Mail - First Class Stamps Franking orders without providing tracking info.

raised with seller support as obviously there is no ‘tracking info’ with that method & they advised to enter the ‘code above the 2d barcode’ showing on the franking label. there isnt one on our mailmark labels. went to local post office for bit of advice & they scanned one of our labels & produced a receipt which also had no relevant code on it.

is the best way forward just to get a 2d barcode scanner, scan the franking labels 2d barcode & manually enter the codes .
thanks in advance


Several reports on this over the last week unfortunately. If you click on confirm twice it overrides the need to enter tracking
Seller support have confirmed that you still don’t need tracking for stamps/franking but for those of us who have continued to use it, we will see in approx 8 or 9 days if they are still exempt


apologies - had scanned the thread but hadnt seen any reference to that.
thanks for your help