Reminder about upcoming change to ‘dispatch confirm’ requirements on your account


I was using just ‘stamps/franking’ for a while and my VTR went through the roof. I started using RM 1st class stamps/franking and it came back down again as the orders passed the 30 day mark.

it seems that whatever we do, they are just pushing us to use FBA or buy their shipping


If you’ve just been selecting stamps/franking then your vtr should be ‘n/a’ as they are exempt from vtr


Yup been selecting Stamps/Franking for ages now, and my VTR is N/A.

VTR will get gradually worse and worse until all the old ones drop off.


that’s what i read - so i used it, then from nowhere, i get an email saying my VTR was causing my account to be in danger of suspension.
i changed to the other one that has RM at the beginning and the VTR started heading down again and is now at N/A …


Can I suggest that in future when you release new polices that you think them out properly BEFORE rolling it out?

Your policy roll outs are usually disatrous but this VTR farce has taken your incompertence to a whole new level.

All of this results in a waste of both our time and yours.


When exactly is soon?


Ours do, on a C&D business account.


Ah that must be new, used to be only parcels did.

They used to generate a number (same as letters do) but when you tried to track it it said tracking was not available for that service.

Just checked with a 2nd class large letter I posted a few days ago - granted not through click and drop but through Intersoft which is integrated into our RM OBA and I get the same thing : “Tracking information is not available for this service”

Even their website states a delivery confirmation is only for parcels sent using 1st/2nd class.

Maybe a new thing they are trialing


If I am forced into buying postage online via amazon and printing labels…which is the best label printer please.I suppose everyone will have different ideas and experiences but I have no experience so I need user friendly.


thats for code BPL
code CRL (RM48 - not 2nd class) is what has confirmation codes for LL


Yeah but CRL is 24/48 not 1st/2nd class

Monkeyboy said his 1st/2nd class large letters are now giving delivery confirmations


I send all my large letters and buy postage over the counter at the post office.I never see the actual label but large letters do not have a delivery confirmation reference number on the proof of postage as the small parcels do.


Why do Amazon insist on using a language that is close to English, but not actually English. Why do they always manage to create confusion by making a statement then immediately contradict themselves.

It really does show that whoever writes these messages hasn’t a scooby about online selling. I suggest all Amazon staff should have at least 6 months online selling experience before being allowed to mess about with policy and or write messages. An A level in English would also help.



We sent one order using a signed for service and noticed Royal Mail have not updated their system so the VTR rate is now 0% instead N/A. If you dispatch the order using the buy shipping where the Agent is described as Amazon Services Europe SARL then why isn’t the agent penalised if they are a party to the contract?


im sure you;ll find it unlawful telling sellers who they have to use for posting out!
by forcing us to have tracked on everything will increase our postage bill by over £50,000 a year!


no one is forcing you to use a tracked service


They are fully within their right to ask you to use tracking - their site their rules, if you don’t like it don’t sell here.

Just do what everyone else is doing and build it into the cost of the item, maybe when the prices rise and the customers all go to Ebay because they don’t want to pay the extra costs they’ll realise that they messed up. In all likelihood though they won’t care.


I think we all know what is coming next with this VTR…they are moving closer to it everytime they change the policy.


we have always had a RM business account and therefore always used RM48 which provides a delivery confirmation scan (most of the time). We are still using this and its ok for VTR - therefore no extra costs for us


we put the 2D tracking number in on every packet and large letter and have done for several months. However if the postman does not scan the parcel on delivery it will not count against the valid tracking rate as a 2D tracking number is not recognised in the royal mail track and trace system which Amazon use.

As the post office only scan around 80% of this type of parcel there is no way of achieving the 95% VTR rate required.

We are having to look at moving as much as possible to a full tracked 48 service to try and negate the lack of scanning by royal mail.