Reminder about upcoming change to ‘dispatch confirm’ requirements on your account


I just think Amazon is a making too much money. They make a profit on returns, copy fast moving lines and now dictate how the seller should dispatch the order where they are described as an Agent.


So the way i look at it, if Amazon lets you despatch it thats ok. So as long as ‘stamps franking’ works i will be doing that for large letters. I assume that signed for will still work?? anyone know?


Yes, Rm48/24. Not sure why anyone would still be using 1st/2nd though.


RM24/48 is fine for VAT registered sellers but 1st and 2nd class have no VAT so are better for non VAT registered sellers


I normally only send via Royal Mail 1st or 2nd class as sales value are under £20 therefore sending via signed for / tracked isn’t economically viable, will I still be able to do this?


Why are these announcements always so confusing? It’s almost like some technical person has written them without any sort of marketing / common sense sign off. Your product management team have made a complete mess of these announcements, shipping system, help system - you name it.

Why would we buy shipping from Amazon when they are useless at helping file any claims, for example - Hermes. Hermes tell us to contact Amazon…amazon reply saying they can’t investigate or start the claim process. Literally, ridiculous - no help either side, just scripted answers.

It’s got to a point now that any seller fulfilled orders is entirely pointless and everything is better off being FBA.


Only if the postman scans at point of delivery.

We have everything that goes Amazon go via C&D and still get invalid tracking as they are never scanned.

Whats does Amazon suggest…

What happens if my delivery service provider fails to scan my packages?

  • Speak to your Delivery Service Provider: Try and find a resolution with them.

Ok ill add that to my list Must speak to Royal Mail about scanning.


Whilst our PitneyBowes franking machine prints a unique 2d (type 29) code on all our mail, underneath it only shows the same die number on all postage items. Our supplier doesn’t seem to know how we can get 1st and 2nd class large letters to have a unique number! Any help much appreciated.


if you read the next part of that statement it also says they will verify unscanned items


Not all franking devices are currently able to have this feature installed.


just to note too that this announcement is not new - its just a reminder - exactly the same as they one they sent a few months ago

Nothing is changing


Happens with us as well. Sitting at 81%

Totally agree but the cost difference between that and fully tracked makes products uncompetitive to prime.

Also they did say ages that they would enforce this metric and that it had not detrimental affect on your account.

But they do say What happens if my delivery service provider fails to scan my packages?

  • Speak to your Delivery Service Provider: Try and find a resolution with them.


I have spoken to amazon about this, and they told me it is up to Royal Mail to transfer the ID. Then I spoke to Royal Mail and after about 2 weeks, they have come back to me and want me to provide a screen shot of the order from amazon, within 1 hour of manifest.


They dont, is that why I have 126 orders that have a valid 2d barcode or fully tracked code come up as Has a valid tracking number is NO but has tracking ID to YES.

If that was true then I should be running at 98 to 99% VTR as only a few orders dont update with tracking whether 2D or fully tracked.


Not if the RM code is BPL (VAT exempt) - but LL do have a barcode supplied to Amazon if CRL code used in your account.
This difference is the cause of 90% of the confusion in VTR.


Exactly as I said…this is what we are doing now,it already applies…but most importantly ,when is soon ?


they never said they will overwrite it and change it to Valid - they have said they will validate the tracking IDs before suspending your offers - and your offers haven’t been suspended yet ?!


yes thats so true. im more confused than before this vtr is a driving me crazy.


I post CDs in small padded Jiffy bags using stamps (sold on here for the last 10 years) never had a issue all my feedback is about how fast I dispatch and how fast the CDs are received, when I post over the counter the post office say these are all classed as large letters. So again with this Amazon all your doing is confusing me and driving me crazy!! I’m dealing with a unexpected death in the family and after a few weeks off turned my store back on this weekend, today I ship a couple of orders and get this email, I and everyone else on here doesn’t need this!


We’ve had a few label printers over the years and also used integrated labels on normal printers. The Zebra GK420d beats everything else hands down. Not the cheapest but it’s fast and reliable. I’d choose a second hand one over a new dymo or whatever else is out there.