Reminder about upcoming change to ‘dispatch confirm’ requirements on your account


How is your VTR?
Assuming it’s lower than allowed have you had any suspension warnings or anything?

I know they say that if it’s lower than allowed due to 24/48 they won’t do anything but I can’t quite build up the courage to trust them


Good point, also too many initials and acronyms. I lose the will to live after reading so much jargon. All topped off with the threat of suspension.


its at 81% - we haven’t had any warnings in a few months (whispers in a hushed voice lol)


We use Click & Drop and seem to be stuck on around 85% in terms of VTR.

Do we think this means we will not get suspended for not being above 95%?


Makes me anxious just thinking about it. Maybe I’ll take the plunge soon though. It’s inevitable that stamps/franking won’t be an option forever


my RM account manager told me months ago that amazon said it was just temporary


They deliberately write their polices vague and contradictory to Gaslight us. It’s means of mental manipulation designed to make us question our sanity and make us believe that if we don’t understand the policy then we are the ones with the problem, not them.

It also means when it all goes wrong they have a ‘get out of jail free’ card to play where they can say, ‘Oh no we didn’t mean that, we meant this instead’.

This article explains that Gaslighting is “emotional manipulation that leaves its victims confused and despondent as they question their sanity”… Sound familiar?


Any idea what they mean when they say that "we will validate ‘unscanned’ tracking or parcel IDs "? Does it simply ,mean that they will check that they are real tracking numbers ie. they show the “An update will only be provided when we attempt to deliver your item” message


yes - they will check with royal mail that they are valid numbers
its not that hard to do - the third 10 numbers onwards of a RM24/48 barcode number is your RM account number


Thanks, never noticed that!


Wonder if some day Amazon will have news for sellers that does not include threats. Bites down on tongue so that curse words are not added to this post.
This site has lost the run of itself.


Sorry to hear about your loss - it’s very difficult dealing with that and this and running a business.

Just a note as we are the same - we have a very small good. However, it’s not the size your product is listed as in Amazon it’s what you send it as within Royal Mail. So Royal Mail letter size max is 24cm x 16.5cm x 0.5 thickness. So you have to find an envelope that size or smaller that will fit your product in order to classify as a letter. We have a 18 cm x 16.4 envelope that fit our products.

Hope that helps. x


Im sorry for losing your time but I need some advice if possible.

If im working with Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/Frankling
will there be any change for me ? Can I keep using this service and keep my VTR ?

And Is this option at the bottom Stamps/Franking a new one, as Im not sure iv seen it before?


Thank you so much x

I’m using small Jiffy bags that measure 23cm x 17cm I think the thickness is fine. Where do you get your bags/envelopes?


It will be the 17 that’s the issue you need to go slightly smaller width. Which on another note is ridiculous - if I knew who to complain to at Royal Mail I would - surely if a letter fits through a standard UK letterbox it should be classified as a letter but they make the sizing so small.

Anyway unfortunately I cannot help you with envelopes - we sell greeting cards and we use our envelope company for that to bespoke make our envelopes for sending out as well - works out because of the thousands of card envelopes we buy but it’s not a standardized product they sell. Would just have to google jiffy bag letter size sure something would come up?


That what gets me about this, I toddle off to the Post Office everyday and it’s been a good system. Like JoG, my feedback is often about how good the speed of delivery is. Recently I’ve been clicking the stamps/franking tab and using tracking if the book I’m selling is over twenty pounds. Though it seems that when I’ve used tracking I get the worrying VTN message within a couple of days.


Validate the tracking numbers, so why arnt they validating them now rather than wait till until they are about to suspend my offers? All are valid tracking numbers not my fault RM postpeople cant be bothered to scan the 2d barcode as they are supposed to.

What difference if I purchase from Amazon and purchase postage with them via RM they still wont get scanned at delivery and my VTR remains the same.


I believe the warehouse staff may think they already do given the electronic panopticon approach. Bentham would be proud.


Pound shop padded envelopes are better quality and much cheaper (6 for £1) rather than the post office (around £2 for 1) same for other stationary shops.


‘You want to be the biggest, the little guy gets pushed around’ JB.

I believe that’s core corporate strategy.